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Set Up Fully Automated Twitter Accounts
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From the Desk of Wealth Junction – Mark Lyford, Leah Butler-Smith and Dan Green:

Dear Hard Working Marketer,

Here at Wealth Junction, we’ve 20 plus years marketing experience between us and it’s our business to keep our finger on the pulse of the hottest marketing trends, and share that knowledge with you.

As you’re only too aware, the marketplace has changed big time in the last few years and the old style strategies just don’t work anymore.

So we asked our fellow marketers what they find most frustrating in our business.

We’ve been doing our homework and what we’ve found has revolutionized the way we look at marketing, and we think you’re gonna love it!

We’ve discovered a simple trick to building authority in any niche – join the biggest conversation platform on the globe, Twitter.

What does all this tell us?


Unfortunately, Building Up A Following On Twitter
Is Not All That Easy!


Twitter represents an awesome opportunity to increase your exposure, gain new customers, and boosts your sales. Sounds great, right?

The problem is, running a popular and successful Twitter account is hard work! In order to get the amount of followers you need (and I’m talking thousands here, not just hundreds), you need to tweet and re-tweet pretty much around the clock. And it can’t just be about anything! It’s got to be interesting and relevant to your niche.

Getting new Twitter followers when you’re trying to run a business is tough, but it gets worse! If you don’t post often enough, you will actually start to lose followers!

Anyone can run a Twitter account, and maybe get a few dozen followers, but to get the viral traffic your business needs, you would have to hire a team of assistants to run your Twitter account for you – which is exactly what the big companies do. Unfortunately, most marketers simply don’t have the time and resources to commit to that.

A viral Twitter campaign might seem out of your reach…..

Imagine if you could:

Sound like a marketer’s dream?

Wealth Junction Presents:

Turn Twitter Into Your Own
Automated Profit-Generating Machine!

Tweetpressr gives you your own instant authority Twitter feeds. Fully automated, Tweetpressr will promote affiliate offers, drive traffic and build an online following in any niche you can imagine, for true passive income.


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