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Facts and Compability:

• Name: Social Locker for WordPress
• Version: 3.2.9
• Last Update: March 31st, 2014
• Compatible Browsers: IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome
• Software Version: WordPress 3.8, 3.7, 3.6, 3.5, 3.4, 3.3, 3.2
• Files Included: JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS and Manual (pdf)
• Live Demo: Click here to view

Latest update: 31 Mar 2014. Version: 3.2.9. Platform: for WordPress.

Do you still place social buttons on every page of your website? But visitors don’t like/share your content as often as you would like?

You should give people a reason why they need to click social buttons on your website. Even if people really like your content, website or fanpage, they don’t click the buttons because they don’t worry about you, your benefits or your traffic. It’s not their problem.

But ask people to “pay” with a Like/Tweet/+1 to get access to your content, to get a discount, to download, to read an ending of your article, to watch a video or to view a funny picture. And it will start to work as it should be!

Social Locker is a set of social buttons and a locker in one bottle. It allows you to hide a part of content on a web page until the visitor clicks one of the social buttons and helps to improve social performance of your website, get more likes/shares and attract traffic from social networks.

How does it work?

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Note: The plugin uses shortcodes to hide of content. You can put the ones at any place.

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All Popular Social Networks

The plugin provides 7 social buttons for using out of the box. You can use them together or apart. Each button can have an own URL to like/tweet/share/+1.

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For example: you can set up the locker to use three social buttons (Like, Tweet, +1) and get tweets for your promo page, likes for your Facebook page, +1s for a home page of your web site.

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Track And Improve Your Results

The plugin comes with built-in analytics tools to track how users interact with the lockers and which channels bring the most traffic. You will always know what’s happening on your website after installation of the plugin. Use the analytics data to find the best place to put the lockers.

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Google Analytics (new!): the Social Locker plugin supports integration with the Google Analytics. You can view the Social Locker data directly in your Google Analytics account and compare it with other metrics.

And many others features:

• SEO friendly. Locked content is still available for search bots (Google, Bing, etc).
• Ability (optional) to load content via ajax to hide source in a page for search bots and users.
• Remembers users who already unlocked your content (via local storage and cookies).
• Compatible with all the popular browsers (including mobile).
• Blocking any type of content: text, videos, images, links, forms and more.
• Provides events for developers: Unlock, hide, Ready and others.


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