Main features of RSS Authority Sniper

RSS Authority Sniper is loaded along with features to assistance you enhance your rankings and get hold of much more traffic.

Here’s just what you get:

  • An amazingly flexible Adobe Air application that functions on the 2 Mac and PC.
  • A unique Research Tool & Keyword Feed Scraper that finds highly targeted authority site feeds along with higher Page Rank and influence along with Google to piggyback your content on.
  • A Feed Aggregator Tool that automates the creation of aggregated higher authority content feeds that likewise contain your content using Yahoo Pipes.
  • A Quick Indexing Tool that automates the burning of the authority content feeds to Feed burner so that Google will certainly send out its army of bots to crawl your content in minutes.
  • A RSS Feed Submitter that submits feeds to 25 main RSS feed directories along with relevant keywords.
  • The ability to easily search for, preview, and decide on authority feeds inside the application along with merely a couple of keystrokes.
  • Automatically scrape lots of highly trusted authority domain feeds by type, including YouTube channels, Video channels, Pinterest boards, and Blogs from Google Blogs Search.
  • Send Yahoo & Feed burner authority content feeds to a ping service that uses 104 random ping servers to notify search engines of your content – no footprint mass ping tool.
  • RSS Authority Sniper likewise supports unlimited Yahoo Pipes & Feedburner Accounts, also as obtaining post/feed info for WordPress and Blogger blog content.
  • Easily relocate from step to step, to implement the whole strategy from ONE central place in much less compared to 5 minutes.
  • Designed BY an end user, FOR end users, so it’s simple to already know and use.

RSS Authority Sniper

What is incentive of RSS Authority Sniper?

Unlike a great deal of software on the market today that only functions on the most recent version of Microsoft windows, RSS Authority Sniper functions on your PC or your Mac using the cross platform goodness of Adobe Air.

Using RSS Authority Sniper you will:

  • Watch your content appear in Google’s index in minutes, fairly compared to days.
  • Achieve better rankings consistently for the money-making keywords that you’re targeting.
  • Become a trusted authority in your niche by delivering relevant content to your audience enjoy clockwork.
  • Exploit the electricity of the long tail and get hold of a massive traffic enhance for the long haul.
  • Fly through the software along with ease thanks to the simple tabbed “wizard” interface.
  • Keep much more of the cash you make by not having costly monthly subscriptions to index your content.
  • Be confident that your site won’t be slapped in the next Google update.
  • Get better a resale value for your sites from better traffic numbers and hundreds of long tail keyword ranking..

Look at these outstanding outcomes :

RSS Authority Sniper1

Who is RSS Authority Sniper functions for?

This tool is built for individuals like:

  • Content creators and curators
  • Content marketers
  • Bloggers and blog flippers
  • Niche marketers
  • SEO specialists
  • Offline marketers


Watch this RSS Authority Sniper Demo!


RSS Authority Sniper – Conclusion

To sum up, RSS Authority Sniper is actually an excellent partner for individuals that wish to Improve Traffic, enhance Rankings and Make much more Money.  I believe along with all them, it is enough for you to have the ability to get hold of a massive income…..


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