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Tired of all the hyped salescopy that promise you nothing but shattered dreams?

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I discovered the secret loophole that literally forces Google to open its flood gates and let my pages get on the front page of Google………..

On a busy night……

I was trying to rank a website I had just built for a product on Amazon in the toy niche. I had found 4 perfect products for kids for the holidays…….

I couldn’t seem to get the site ranking or even indexed into Google. As I left my site alone, I tried one little trick online, and……BAM!


I found a way to the FIRST PAGE


And The Best Part Was….I didn’t need the website…..I didn’t even need to do SEO……


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Originally Posted by Tony Briggs View Post have done it again!

“Instant Traffic Code” is an outstanding step-by-step process utilizing powerful traffic sources which Google and the other search engines love due to their authority and age!

I had to re-read page 10 because I’ve never heard of this ranking strategy. It is totally white hat and definitely gives your projects a major ranking boost.

I like the simple analogies and straightforward examples you introduce in “Instant Traffic Code”.

This system will keep my main keywords on page 1 of Google and assist in ranking my other niche long-tail keywords.

Amazing stuff Joel! Keep up the good work!

Stop Paying For Adwords

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Stop Building Websites That Won’t Rank

How would you like it if you got fast traffic to your Clickbank campaigns?

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What about selling that big and famous Amazon product? YOU CAN TOO.

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This is not your run of the mill “build a website *like this*” WSO

This is not
about some unethical blackhat technique

This is not PPV, PPC, Sniper sites, Forums, or anything you have seen before….

This is not:

Social networking sites
Yahoo Answers
Paid Advertising
Mobile Advertising
SMS Marketing
Offline marketing
Blackhat Techniques



Originally Posted by Moneymaker360 View Post
This is such a refreshing WSO to read.

Instant Traffic Code redefines traffic and getting on page one. I cannot wait to begin using this.

This is rock solid training with a method I have NEVER heard of before. That one strategy for Amazon blew my mind. I am getting started with Amazon training, and I cant wait to begn selling Amazon products with this new strateg.

I love how you give a way to getting traffic to sites and pages now, but how you can also do it for long term. Joel thsi WSO rocks. I cannot believe I haven’t seen anything like this before!


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