Google Plus Bot

The Best Google Plus Automation bot. Enhance followers, auto post, auto Plus one, auto follow, join communities, scrape and more….

Google Plus Bot

Search and Follow Users / Unfollow

Try to find users, community members, community contributors, authors of posts returned by search and follow them automatically. Adhering to users is a fantastic method to grab supporters as many users will certainly follow you back. yet much better compared to this is obtaining users to follow you spine that are thinking about the very same niche as yourself, so the Google Plus bot from rootjazz allows you to discover users to follow by searching keywords / hashtags and lots of scrape functionality

Search and write-up Comments

Try to find posts and include comments automatically. Posting messages to a write-up is a fantastic method to engage the user and to grab them to examine your profile / pages

Search and write-up Profile Comments

Try to find users and write-up comments to their profile automatically. Posting messages to a users profile is a fantastic method to engage the user and to grab them to examine your tracks out

Search and Love / Plus one posts

Try to find posts, procedure every one of posts for a user, procedure every one of posts in a community and plus one / Love them automatically. Google plus bot allows you to discover posts to Love by searching keywords / hashtags along with recent or popular filters so you can easily Love targeted posts. Liking a write-up adds your profile URL to the write-up and is one more method for users browsing google plus to stumble across your profile

Full RSS Feed Sustain Auto write-up text, images, links, videos

Easily specify content to syndicate to your Google Plus feed. Automatically write-up brand-new wordpress posts or links, twitter tweets, pinterest images, imgur images, youtube videos. Powerful scripting to job along with Any type of RSS feed. Assign tokenised meta data to use to each video. Repeat to upload every one of brand-new content added to the feed AUTOMATICALLY.

Full Accounts Support

Run an unlimited lot of accounts in Google Plus bot. No limits or hidden charges for added accounts! Complete Sustain for profile pages and firm / secondary pages

Google Plus Scraper / Profile Scraper / write-up Scraper / Community Scraper

Scrape lists of posts / users / communities / members / contributors. Filter your lists for better targeting of posts user for your automation runs

Import / Export

every one of your data belongs to you. You can easily import / export every little thing for your promotions

Database Storage

Google Plus bot stores your data in a database structure. If you wish to shut down the application, it can easily restart every one of procedures currently queued game processing. every one of procedures can easily be redone, retried if failed, paused or cancelled.

Captcha API Support

Have actually the signup / login captchas solved by the Adhering to APIS.

  • Death by Captcha
  • By Pass Captcha
  • Human Coder
  • Decaptcher

All RootJazz software uses Confuser to protect his software. Other reason could be that many antivirus, detect patched softwares as malware.
Also, you can download the original installer here:…v1.175.exe
Then install the software, compress with WinRar and analyze it in and compare the results with my cracked version.
On the other hand you can use a sandbox software like SandBoxie or an VM like VirtualBox




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