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“I Just purchased forum bot 2.6 crack. I own almost all the forum profile creation software in the market and let me tell you this is by far the 2nd best while Xrumer still will be the 1st. I have my own list of 2000 websites that I test with every profile creation software that comes to market. Within 2 hours of running this, I have 1546 URLs created and checking with scrapebox, I found 1535 alive links. Most important aspect is the ability to start the process with minimal setup. Also, this software literally takes 2 minutes to completely learn it.”

“I have built a list of around 700 forums that forum bot 2.6 crack can create profiles with working links in without using any decapture service. If you use the decapture services I am sure this will give you thousands of working forums. This is more efficient than Sick (at least the version I used to use). I have scrapeboard as well and this gives me many more links than that does at the moment.”
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