Facebook Friend Commenter 5.5



We’ve been working on this in secret since everyone has been asking for it. Now you have a way to post on all your friends walls. How cool is that? If your looking at this software you most likely have been doing this by hand, and going through one by one, well now you can get all or some of your friends, and have the message directly sent to them and posted on there wall!

Yes, you read it right. the software will post on all your facebook friends profiles, no mass posts, pure 100% posts as if you were human. It will also take and insert the persons name if you like in front of the post. For example.

“Bill, we havent talked to so long, hit me up!”

It will auto grab the firstname of the profile you are currently on, and add it to your message! Now you dont look like a pure bot  If you thing about how many people will see you message its crazy!
You set the thresholds on how many people you want to send to, just simply view your friends filter who you want to send to, get the ID’s and your off and running, and putting your friends wall posts on auto pilot.

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