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I know this has actually been requested in various places and not lots of people (including the licorne team) have actually come up along with a proper tutorial to date (apart from Matthew’s video tutorial from I have actually been using LAIO for some time now and have actually had terrific results along with it so I figured I need to come up along with a proper guide to benefit LAIO beginners out there. Basically in order to build a successful campaign you reason the following items:

1. Captcha solving service (MUST)
I advise you to get hold of two captcha solving services (i using DBC + ImageTyperz most of the time) for the most effective triumph rates however using only one is great as well. You can easily get hold of them from and

To set it up, open your LAIO and go to settings, captcha and set captcha solving to Automated. Key in your login details and click the refresh button. If every little thing is working great you need to be seeing numbers >0.00.

2. Spinning service (MUST)
WordAI and SpinnerChief are among my top favourite spinning service. If budget is a constraint, choose SpinnerChief (they have actually a free version else choose WordAI for quality ( for 3 days trial).

WARNING: Stay clear of using built-in Licorne spinner where possible, the output it develop is not even close to human readable.

To set it up, open your LAIO and go to Spinning tab then enter your credentials.

3. Proxies (Not a Ought to however highly recommended)
Squidproxies and proxy-hub are my top favourites here. To purchase from squidproxies go to (bhwonly coupon code for discount) and go to (LAIOOFF) for proxy-hub proxies.

10 private proxies is much more compared to sufficient in most cases, since we will certainly not be building much more compared to 1000 backlinks a day.

4. Indexing service (Not a Ought to however highly recommended)
I recommend Indexification for this ( They are cheap and is comparable along with various other much more expensive services.

To set it up, go to settings, pinger, enter your API key (which can easily be obtained in the dasdhboard after logging in in to your, save settings then go to Pinger tab and click “ON” to switch on automated pinging. As quickly as this option is enabled, all backlinks developed in LAIO will certainly be automatically sent for pinging.

5. Own sites list (Not a Ought to however highly recommended)
As much as I hate to say it, the LAIO software itself is a gem, however the list that comes along with it is spammed junk. This is the portion where everyone go wrong and get hold of poor triumph rates in LAIO. You have to purchase list from external sources to get hold of truly good triumph rates. I recommend using Ensure the list you purchase is recent though.

Setting up tiered backlinking
1. develop a brand-new project

2. Select your project and click diagram wizard located at the top of the software (beside brand-new task).

3. This will certainly bring up a wizard. Briefly go through the wizard and click next.

4. You will certainly see a half-transparent your hard earned cash site icon in the center. Half-transparent icon is an indication that the task is not fully setup. And to set it up you have to double click on the icon.

5. Double click your hard earned cash Site. Insert your your hard earned cash site short article in to the Links column (eg: and your target keywords in to the keywords column. Use as lots of keywords where feasible in this case. You can easily generate the keywords using Load From Google Suggest Scraper button located under the keywords column. To generate keywords, enter your seed keyword (weigh loss) then Start Scraping then transfer to keyword list and scrape again. Rinse and repeat until you get hold of much more compared to 100 keywords.

6. Tick Insert anchors at the bottom of the write-up if keyword is not found. Having this checked allows LAIO to insert anchors based on random pick of keywords if no replacement is done on your article. Click Confirm and you are done along with your your hard earned cash site settings.

7. Now design your tiered linking diagram. You can easily either design one yourself or use my custom template which can easily be downloaded in the bottom of the tutorial.

8. As stated above, you have to double click all half transparent icons to set them up. As a result of time constraint I could only cover the portion on setting up a wiki task.

9. A wiki task has actually the following items:
Task Name: I usually use this format for my task name: url_keyword_tier-number (Eg: weighloss.com_weighloss-1-2)

Use whichever write-up content generation approach you prefer. If you have actually Kontent Machine you can easily follow the tutorial from Else you can easily use LAIO to scrape them (Include articles, Scrape articles).

To scrape for articles, enter your main keyword in the keyword field (weigh loss) and specify the word count to be no much less compared to 500. Click start and you will certainly start seeing articles appearing at the bottom of the article. Double click to read and review a couple of them then select (tick) about 3 – 5 articles. Click use chosen articles to confirm your selection.
Now you will certainly have to select each write-up individually to spin them and additionally Include tags (LAIO doesn’t do that automatically for you). Tick the initial write-up then click Edit chosen Articles. As quickly as the write-up window shows up, click the Spin button to spin the write-up (click the down arrow beside spin to adjustment your spinning service). Next Include about 2 – 3 tags for your write-up (weigh loss, exactly how to gone weigh etc).

Take note that you do not have to insert anchors in to your article. If you have actually set your your hard earned cash site (which has actually been covered in the previous section) LAIO will certainly automatically perform all anchors replacement for you automatically.

Account Profile:
Click develop brand-new Profile to develop a brand-new account profile. This portion need to be done fairly quickly because you only have to enter an account profile name and generate an email address (develop new, generate, Include email). Using disposable email is great in most situation and you do not reason a hotmail / gmail / cpanel email. You will certainly see near to no difference in triumph rates using hotmail vs disposable email.

Next you will certainly be selecting the sites you wish to submit your articles to. For tier 1 I recommend you to use >PR2 sites. To select only >PR2 sites do the following: Select, Select All Sites then adjustment the lose down option to PR Below 2 and click Unselect All Sites With. This will certainly unselect all sites along with PR lower compared to 2. For t2 and lower tiers, feel free to all sites devoid of restrictions.

Live Links
I constantly use one list per diagram task.

Submission Method
constantly set the total submission count (initial slider) to the max and set the day-to-day successful according to exactly how lots of days you want your campaign to be spread across. If you have actually chosen 500 sites in total and you want your campaign to be spread across 14 days then you need to be having 36 backlinks developed a day.
For tier 1 I usually select ~100 sites and spread them across 7 days and for t2 – t3 I usually select >500 sites and spread them across 14 – 21 days.

Leave every little thing at its default.

Click Complete to finish setting up your wiki task. Proceed to yet another task until you are done along with all tasks then click Complete to Include your diagram tasks.

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