Content Curation Pugin Nulled

Content Curation Plugin Nulled

  • Completely automate the process of content curation
  • Run hundreds of automatic, high-value blogs with just 6 minutes’ set-up
  • Place VAST amounts of free traffic at your command

Content CurationPlugin
Content Curation Plugin uses Google’s own alerts system to make sure it gathers the most up-to-date content available.
This means you don’t have to hunt content
– Google will do all that for you.

And Pull in IMAGES and VIDEOS –
all from your keywords and with the
correct usage and attribution

Mesh In, content from ANY Rss source – for True variation of the content!
Want to be a bit more hands-on?
No problem – you can easily add in any
high-quality RSS feed you find.
And with Content Curation supercharging
your blog, here’s what you’ll be able to do:

  • Climb the SERPs by making Google WANT to see you higher: by acting as the web’s ‘filter’, you’re providing a valuable service… and that’s exactly what Google wants to see
  • Grow your audience by having EVERY post deliver value: having content is good, having TARGETED content is better. And because you’re finding the very best of Google and any RSS feeds you specifically include, you can guarantee your content will be EXACTLY what your audience wants to see
  • Stay 100% white-hat without writing any content of your own: by using snippets from the very best of the web (all linked back to the original source) you’re not only providing a valuable service, you’ll have people thanking you for making their work easier to find
  • Become one of the most up-to-date authorities on the web: with regular updates based on the latest Google Alerts, your blog will always curate the most up-to-the-minute, relevant information… which means more value for your viewers, and more Google-love for you
  • Deliver high-quality posts at a speed your competition can’t match: with Google’s army of spiders out hunting content for you, you’ve got a virtually unlimited pool of content to draw on
  • Auto-spin to keep your posts unique: Got a Best Spinner or Spin Re-Writer account? You can wire them straight into the plugin and have all your posts spun to ensure everything on your blog is 100% unique
  • Claim a top position in any niche as your own: relevant content is one of the most important parts of building an authority site… and since you’re only getting highly-targeted, high-quality articles, it doesn’t get much more relevant than this
  • Curation Collection: All the Google Alerts you’ve set up are scanned and collected on autopilot
  • Curation Filter: The alert e-mails are automatically filtered away from your in-box, so your mail remains clean, uncluttered and efficient
  • Content RSS: Any RSS feeds you’ve found are automatically fed into your content pool
  • Curation Categorisation: All alerts and RSS feeds are carefully categorised to ensure every post is laser-targeted
  • Curation Collation: Snippets from all relevant content are combined into a single, value-rich post your viewers will love
  • Constant Voice: Optionally, Content Curation can include an introduction of your own to make every post extra-unique and give that personal touch
  • Curation Attribution: Every snippet is automatically given a link back to the original post – ensuring you’re fully attributed, a hallmark of high-quality curation
  • Social: Content Curation pushes your posts automatically through e-mail and Twitter to give you maximum exposure
  • Constant Posting: Set up the plugin to post as regularly as you like – every week, every day, every hour or more. Your blog is built on time, on target and hands-free

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