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XVideos Automation
The Ultimate Adult Tube bot, automating the whole process of the XVideos marketing process

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XVideos Upload BotThe Best XVideos marketing tool!
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XVideos Upload Bot
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Harness this traffic by using the Rootjazz XVideosJazz Bot to automate the following processes

Uploading videos
Creating Accounts
Scraping uploaded video URLs
Voting up your videos
Bulk Download videos from XHamster using the XHamster Download Bot functionality

The XVideos bot from Rootjazz also includes a FREE

Proxy Scraper with proxy validation
XVideos proxy validation
Randomised profile creation fields (name, email, address
All processes are stored so can be restarted in case of power failure
Details logs of all processes
Import/Export features for profiles, proxies and videos. It is your data to take and do what you want with
Redo / retry / pause / cancel any action
And a whole lot more

Upload multiple videos quickly and easily by uploading a directory. More…

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Why is Keywords Jeet the best keyword navigation tool around?

Find related keywords and drill-down to related keywords for related keyword endlessly.
Harvest thousands of keywords for your niche in a matter of minutes.
Check how competitive each keyword is, and how hard will it be getting on the front page.
Export your selected keywords for use in a spreadsheet, or copy it to clipboard.

Market Jeet Pro

The best-in-class Youtube suite that lets you directly touch your viewers.


Data Collection
Collect videos according to keywords, harvest channels, find the latest videos from feeds or get the top videos for any keyword.
Identify viewers who are interested in watching videos in your niche. Get them from videos, comments, etc.
Reach viewers
Subscribe to users in your niche and get subscriptions in return.
Add fresh contacts in your niche by identifying and sending contact request to targeted users.
Send messages and your videos to your contacts and update them about your fresh videos.
Build an audience
Sustained campaigns boost your views, subscribers, and contact network on Youtube.
Over time you build up a dedicated viewership for your videos and your channel.
Increase your presence on Youtube and establish a brand.


Traffic Jeet

Traffic Jeet 4-in-1 YouTube Suite

This must have toolset for any YouTube video producer has the following software.]Tube Jeet
– The definite YouTube research, analytics, and monitoring tool. It is
the best YouTube analytics suite that you can find online.]Tube Chimp
– Get Keywords in any niche, find the most popular videos for a
keyword, and then discover what keywords the popular videos are
targeting.]Traffic Jeet Vidwords
– Harvest hundreds or thousands of video keywords in bulk, and navigate
through untapped video keywords. This is the only tool that gives you
unique video keywords more than 3 words long]Tube Detonator
– The perfect video keyword competition analysis tool that gives you a
compound view of Google & YouTube. With Tube Detonator you will know
exactly how hard or how easy it is to capture rankings for targeted


Tube Rank Jeet

Video Jeet

“Why Video Jeet will really work for you!”


Video is the new frontier for Internet marketers. The new segment
which still has the potential to earn hundreds and thousands of dollars
for anybody who gets it right.
Google, the king of all search engines handles videos differently
than all other content. The content uploaded with the video does not
show up as part of the normal search results, nor is indexed in the same
way, giving you a huge opportunity to make Google work for you by
targeting the search using Video content.
By sharing viral videos and driving traffic to them you can build a
stable flood of traffic that brings an unending flood of income.
Don’t waste your money on video sharing websites that charge you a
huge monthly fee to let you share videos when Video Jeet gives you the
power to do it free with added benefits!
Discover an endless stream of content in your selected niche. New videos just keep coming in and in and you can pick and choose.
Modify every aspect of what’s posted to your site including the title, the description, and the keywords.
Keep full control over what gets shared. Reject videos you don’t like. Post videos immediately, or let them queue up for later.
Video Jeet lets you do as little or as much work as you want to do.
On full auto you can just turn it on and sit back while it does all the
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Video Jeet is the only system that works with free blogs on Blogger
too. By targeting free Blogger blogs you can build an endless free
series of video marketing blog in your selected niches, setting up
multiple pipelines of money.
Video Jeet is a great way to target long-tail keywords which bring 70% of search visitors.
You can even use Video Jeet to build regularly updated link-bait
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you visitors, and search!

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Article2Video- Turn Oold Useless Articles Into Fresh And Get Traffic!

**ATTENTION** Gain an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE in traffic generation over other unsuspecting internet marketers with this new TOP SECRET breakthrough tool every affiliate marketer or any online business owner has been waiting for!

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**URGENT** On this website you will learn about the amazing tool for converting articles into videos with REAL HUMAN VOICE OVER in a FULLY AUTOMATED, 20 second process – YOU WILL SAVE HUGE AMOUNTS OF TIME AND MONEY, AND BOOST YOUR TRAFFIC IN NO TIME
In this URGENT message, you will learn how I:

convert articles into videos in 3 easy and simple steps that take 20 seconds
how I explode my traffic working on traffic generation a few minutes a day
how I save huge amounts of time, that enable me to expand my business faster and better than I ever could imagine
how I rake in piles of cash constantly with minimum effort, because my software does it automatically

“4329 videos created instantly for 271 of our happy members so far on Article2Video. These videos are making our members wealthy in record times…Join in on the hunt”

I can create a video from an article in 3 fully automated steps in the speed of light. In a few minutes my video is ready to be uploaded to all the video sharing sites.I can repeat this process 10 times, which takes a few minutes more, and my traffic stats and rankings explode with really little effort from me!Best traffic tool I`ve ever seen, thanks Alp!Zelimir Graf

**IMPORTANT** The video below has been created from an article in 20 seconds using Article2Video!

Before being converted to this video, it was a tiny boring article that was buried deep inside my computer (as you can see below). Did you realize how Article2Video resurrected it as a very attractive, professional video content?

Use<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
Video to Drive Traffic to Your Website</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>Do you have a great website, but aren’t getting any web traffic? Do you<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
often wish you could build your site hits up, but you don’t know how? </p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>There are many ways to build an audience, but the easiest and most<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
simple way to drive traffic to your website is to use video.</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>If you use a popular video sharing company such as YouTube or MetaCafe,<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
you are opening your website to a very large market! There is no way<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
your web traffic can’t go up!</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>If you want proof that using video works, just go to a video sharing<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
website and enter terms relevant to your site in the search box. If you<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
see more than one video in the search results, and they have links to<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
their websites, then you know that it works because other people are<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
doing it!</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>Visit to create your videos by only copy pasting<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
your articles.</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>Alp Bozkurt<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /></p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />


I`ve seen enough, show me how much this costs so I can explode my traffic today

From the desk of Alp Bozkurt, chief software engineer at
Dear struggling marketer and business builder,
Let`s get one thing straight. You`re still reading this because you want explode your traffic, but don`t have the time or knowledge of how to do it. You are stuck writing articles, posting on forums, doing social media marketing, linking campaigns, everything that`s in the books. But it just seems to take forever. You feel like you`re on a bicycle peddling your way to fortune, while everyone else is zooming in Ferraris.
Let`s see if you can recognize yourself here:
You are doing your best, but you feel there`s a better way to get more traffic

You run affiliate marketing business, but it just isn`t working out the way you thought it would

You are an online business owner who isn`t satisfied with his sales, opt-ins, and overall business growth

You could use more time just for yourself, and you feel you could use your time more efficiently

You would like to make more money, faster, and easier, do more in less time

You want to focus on the things that really matter, stop wasting precious time doing traffic generation the old way, and take your business to new heights in no time
Well, my friend, your misfortune is coming to an end. If you can recognize yourself in the stories above, then what I am about to tell you will simply blow you away. Get your marketing “Ferrari” right here, and stand up to the challenges that internet marketing throws at you. This cutting-edge, top secret weapon is now available to public!
Here`s what you will achieve with my amazing new software, whether you are an affiliate marketer, or you have your own products:
No more spending huge amounts of time on traffic generation with online video marketing (Article2Video does it for you and saves you ton of time)

Attract high quality visitors (with their wallets out on the open, eager to buy)

Create a total flood of traffic in no time (no more of low rankings in Google)

What took days, now takes seconds to perform

Generate huge opt in lists and cash flow within days of signing up for a $1 trial on Article2Video

This is what Article2Video will do for you!

Okay, so what`s this all about?
Just to be clear on something, this isn`t your usuall internet marketing money making information product that promisses you will make a lot of money in no time. I`m not selling you the story on quick way to riches.

What you will get from me, is the fool proof tool that, if used right (and I WILL TEACH YOU HOW TO USE IT RIGHT!), will bring you huge e-mail lists and a lot of money, and save you huge amounts of time. This is my promise to you. And it`s a promise solid just as is the fact that online video marketing has made fortunes for a lot of people.
The best way I knew how to generate traffic was through article marketing
Content is king. You`ve heard that. Writing articles was the main focus of my traffic generation. And this was taking a lot of my time. Don`t get me wrong, you can`t beat good content. It just seemed that something was missing. I had the feeling that I wasn`t using all the benefits of my articles, and the quality content I wrote. You know that feeling right?

Online video marketing was the thing that was missing
I went through all this trouble of research, crafting my content, editing, writing , posting , but with little effect on my traffic stats. This is when I discovered online video marketing. This transformed my marketing efforts.

You can`t operate a serious and profitable online business without exploiting the power of online video marketing
In fact, I won`t even convince you that online video marketing is the hottest thing since Facebook. Some of the sharpest minds in marketing use videos on a daily basis to generate thousands of new leads and generate flood of cash in the quickest way possible!

You probably know this face. If you`re familiar with Mike Filsaime`s marketing, you probably know that most of his sales messages are delivered through the power of online video. Guy like that can`t be wrong, he earns 8 figures a year!

How about Frank Kern? One of the smartest, richest internet marketers relies solely on video to deliver his message across to his prospects, and earns a king`s ransom doing it!

Russell Brunson is the most advanced internet marketer, and one of the richest. It`s no coincidence he uses video constantly, he even has his own live streaming TV channel.

These days, a typical internet surfer demands much more than his predecessor. He wants more attractive content. This involves video and audio content, flash animations, pictures, graphics, presentations, etc. You can use this fact to your own advantage. Utilize one of the best ways to gain online exposure: through the power of online video marketing.
Article marketing meets online video marketing = TRAFFIC EXPLOSION
Online video marketing is one of the best ways for traffic generation, And best of all, all the written content on your websites, your published articles, those that are lying idle in your hard drive, can be converted instantly into videos with Article2Video.

Crush your competition with traffic generation done the right way!

Wow, was I shocked. My traffic stats exploded, my conversions rose sky high, and the money came pouring in. But the problem was that converting articles into video was a mind numbing process.

Creating videos from my articles wasn`t easy, it took time and hard work, something I didn`t want to sacrifice
Here`s what it took me to create a video from my article the old fashioned, the hard way. The long and painful way:

buy a decent (read: expensive) screen capture software
read a huge manual on how to set it up
learn the damn manual by heart in 2 days
set the software up for screen capturing
create a Power Point presentation
decide what to write on the slides, and what to speak into the microphone
time out the slides perfectly so that they are in sync with your voice
create a decent (read: professional, striking) background for the slides
create a professionally sounding background music (read: surf the internet, spend hours in search of a half decent music loop)
do a proper voice over with a professionally sounding voice and accent (mine was far from this)
repeat the voice over around 28 times, due to unforeseen incidents such as power outages, software crashes, Windows XP freezing over, and of course, your own errors, repeat until you get it “just right”
save the video (or repeat everything again 6 times, again due to software crashing, or other life sucking incidents) on your hard drive

It seemed like another waste of time, creating videos was tedious work
I learned all of the stuff I listed above, but it took me a lot of money and energy. It was pure torture. Sometimes it took me 2 days to create a simple video from an article.

I decided to create a program that converts articles to videos in a way that`s fast, easy, and fully automated
Before I tell you what this software will do for you, listen to some of the thrilled members:

Alp, thanks for creating such an amazing service. It really saves me ton of my time turning my articles into videos for video marketing purposes.In the past, it took me 45 minutes to convert an article into a video, but right now I can do it within one minute. The speed is amazing!Now I can create more videos from my articles and multiply my marketing efforts by at least 5 times. Thanks again Alp.John Tan

Signup Now! 
You see, I`m an experienced software engineer. I had the knowledge and skills to create such a powerful tool. After months of research, programming, money spent, nerves wrecked, sleepless nights, I`ve reached a breakthrough.
I created new and sophisticated software that converts articles (written text) into videos with voice overs automatically.

Online video marketing doesn`t have to be painful or expensive. In fact, it can be easy and fun, not to mention cheap!


Article2Video will explode your traffic and search engine rankings in a fraction of the time it took you before – create videos in a simple and easy 20 second process

It only takes you 20 seconds to paste the article or any kind of text into the Article2Video, and the program does the rest. The 3 easy and simple steps are outlined below:
Paste any textPaste your article or any kind of text into the text box (yes, it`s that easy, totally effortless with huge benefits for your traffic)
Customize the videoChoose a template, background music, transition effect, and male or female voice over (for a perfect and professional look and feel, create a strong impact with your target audience)
Enjoy your trafficClick “CREATE VIDEO” and you`re done in 20 seconds (your video is ready to be distributed all over the video sharing sites in a fully compatible MP4 format when it is rendered)

This is how Article2Video works!

Do you see the difference between this easy 3 step process in creating videos from articles from the old way that took almost 2 days?
But this is not only about the time. Imagine the cost it takes you to create a video the old way. The software, the music, the graphics, it`s a whole production.
Never again will I battle with this stuff. And best of all, now you can use my sweat and tears to your advantage!

Running affiliate campaigns is time consuming, specially when you scale up from one product to hundreds. Competition is brutal, and it takes a long time to see some results with traffic generation, no matter which technique you use.
This what Article2Video is perfect for. Just paste in all the articles you need to convert to videos, and they are automatically created for you in MP4 format. Now you can just blast them to video sharing sites, and boost all of your affiliate campaings and sites in no time.
If you are serious about affiliate marketing, Article2Video is an irreplaceable tool for crushing your competition and generating huge e-mail lists or piles of cash.
Article2Video uses killer advanced algorithm for transcoding written text into a real human voice. This way there is no difference from the video that was done by a real person, and the one my software generated automatically.

This is what you get from ARTICLE2VIDEO membership:
Fully automated conversion of articles into videos in record time (use the saved time do explode your business and make a ton of money)

Copy/paste technique for converting your articles in 3 easy and simple steps and in 20 seconds (it`s easy even if your top computer skills include formatting text in Word)

18 000 Private Label Articles (you don`t even have to write a single word ever again)

Video distribution guide (let me help you maximize your video distribution and give you maximum amount of traffic in minimum time and effort by showing you where to blast your videos) – for FREE!

Fanatic support team at your disposal working round the clock to help you succeed in online video marketing (we never leave you hanging)

Article2Video creates video from your articles using a full blooded human voice (choose from male or female) with perfect accent and fluid English (so you don`t have to do painful voice overs ever again)

Choose from over 50 different background templates that are constantly updated to keep your videos fresh and exciting

Get a trial membership for just $1 immediately and create maximum traffic with minimum effort today and click here!

Choose your music background for a perfect emotion to hit your prospects even harder with your message

Your video is ready and converted in MP4 format, which is supported on all the video sharing sites, so you don`t have any compatibility issues, so the video creation process is completely automated and easy for you!

Create videos in fluent and perfect English voice over, the kind your teacher would be proud of. Even when you can`t put two English sentences together correctly, Article2Video does it for you!
I`m not really good in english, and speaking into the microphone demands your accent is clear and understandable. You can`t slur your words, and all the other stuff that grade A English students know about. But I don`t. Now Article2Video does this for me. I just paste my article, and choose the voice (male or female), and there you go. A new video, with perfect pronunciation, tempo, tone, clear and understandable. In 20 seconds.

Even if you`re bad at english, Article2Video`s got your back!

**E-MAIL LIST OWNERS** If you have e-mail lists, you can achieve amazing results in no time using Article2Video
Imagine sending your list a new video every day. How would that improve your relationship with them? I can tell you: it will explode your lists responsiveness. Video is an instant credibility booster, it creates trust, and quickly establishes bonds with your prospects. Well, now you can do this without sacrificing your time to create a new video every day. Just paste in the article, hit “convert” and serve your list a fresh new video in no time. Article2Video gives a new meaning to the phrase “generate cash with a click of a button!”

See for yourself what people are saying about Article2Video!

“You’ve got a first class service that will save savvy marketers tons of time & trouble.Since YouTube is a top 5 visited site it makes plenty of sense for marketers to advertise there. Your video creation service, which happens to work exactly as you say and makes it quite easy to pump-out loads of videos for tons of exposure.Your fine service is simply more proof that we are at the beginning of a golden age for conducting online business. A free or low cost trial is easily in order for savvy marketers.”TL Saunders

I`m not very technical, so your service is a life saver. I just load up the article, and wham, in a few minutes I have a professionally looking video ready to give me exposure with minimum effort on my behalf. This is one of those things you wonder how you ever lived without!Megan DiPietro

That`s right! No more wasting time on old fashioned way of creating videos. Save your time for smarter things, like hanging out with your friends, your kids, playing your favorite sports, watching movies, playing with your cat or dog. Anything you missed doing because traffic generation was draining your energy on a daily basis.

What will you do with all the extra time and money once you start using this incredible tool?
Have you heard of the Pareto principle? It says that the 20% of the things you do on a daily basis, bring in 80% of the results. This is a scientifically confirmed fact. This means you have to find out which of the 20% things you do bring in 80% of the results. And then put your focus into those 20%, and whoila! You just exploded your effectiveness, and your business along the way!
Whith Article2Video, you can do those 80% of less important things (yes, traffic generation is one of them) in a 1% of the time, and use 99% of your time on those 20% of the things that are crucial to your business. This way, you will maximize your efficiency, and be on a much faster route to riches!

Article2Video saves you time to grow your business exponentially!

Click here, and get a trial of ARTICLE2VIDEO for a full 48 hours that costs you only $1!
You will know immediately that this is what you`ve been searching for. Article2Video will explode your marketing efforts and maximize the effectiveness of your articles and online video marketing
This is why I created this software, and this is what it will literally do for you! Check it out below:
Get more traffic in less time

Increase conversion

Boost your rankings in search engines

Get more quality back links

Get high quality targeted visitors

Spend more time having fun, with your loved ones, doing things you love
How much is this going to cost me?
How much do you value this kind of top-notch software?
Normally, licencing this kind of advanced software would cost close to $500 a month.
If you add up the research, development, investments, breaking new ground, 500$ per month doesn`t sound too much.
Considering in the equation the costs that add up in maintaining dedicated servers that run this advanced algorithm, it would be a bargain to offer you a membership plan for only $289 a month.
But no way are you paying this much. Because I know these are hard times ahead of us, I`m willing to offer a special deal to the limited number of members. These monthly prices will blow out of the water any shadow of a doubt that you can`t afford this. I want to make sure you don`t pass me up on this, so not only I˙m giving you my Article2Video membership for practically free for 48 hours, but after that, if you choose the lowest priced package, it will only cost you $1.5 a day. This rediculosly low price is set so I make sure you take me up on this, and enjoy all the benefits even if you are practically broke!
This is only because I know that after you sign up, you will start building your business in no time, and generate serious traffic and rankings. You will make money with Article2Video.
If you choose the lowest priced package, Article2Video costs you $1.5 a day! What else could you buy for a measly $1.5?

daily price of Article2Video membership is equal to a pack of low priced chewing gum
it costs less than a gallon of gas
you can`t even buy a decent cup of coffee

If you were to use PPC for traffic and bid on any generic keyword, it would look something like this:


web hosting
$1.55 per click
1000 clicks / $1550

article marketing
$3.32 per click
500 clicks / $1660


This is a rough estimate for only 2 keywords, “web hosting” and “article marketing”. This sums up to a cool $3210 from your pocket into Google`s. Not bad for them, right?
When you use Article2Video, you use natural search engine results, and videos to achieve high rankings, which is the most efficient way, as we established earlier. But that`s not all. A video that you created and posted on video sharing sites will continue to bring you traffic forever! So how much does it cost you to use Article2Video? Check out the table:

Huge price difference between PPC and video marketing when you use Article2Video

Plans >>

Price Per Video

Video Credits
Per Month

Videos With One Click

Male/Female Voiceover

$1 Trial

Monthly Price

*** When you click on the “Try now” button, you can enter your name and e-mail address to create an account at Article2Video. After that you will be taken to a PayPal secure payment interface, where you will be billed $1 for a trial period of 48 hours. After you decide you want to keep the membership, do nothing, and you will be billed the monthly price of the package plan you selected.
If you by any chance decide you do not wish to keep the subscription, just click “cancel membership” in your members area, and your billing will be cancelled.
Do you see the staggering difference? Even if you purchase the lowest priced package, you pay only $1.17 for a single video! somewhere around the amount you would pay for a single PPC keyword! And the biggest difference from a single keyword bid in PPC and a video is that a video continues to bring you traffic forever!
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