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Bure Blogger Crack

Pure Blogger Crack

Build Your Own Blog Network in Minutes!

Finally a Software that Manages All Your Blogger Blogs at One Place!

What’s The Best Tool To Use In Order To Reach Top Positions in Google?

Is it Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, WordPress or A Product Made By Google Themselves?

Well I guess The Answer Speaks For Itself…Google’s Blogger.com Blog Network Is The Best Choice In Order For You To Get Reach The Top Positions in Google!

Therefore We’re Extremely Proud To Announce Pure Blogger, A Comprehensive Blogger Account Manager Software, That Will Help You Reach The Top Positions You’ve Only Dreamt About Before!

Pure Blogger Main Features

  • Automatic Blogger Account Creation

    PURE BLOGGER CRACK Automatically creates new Blogger.com Blog account(s) for you, simply provide your Google account(s) login credential(s) and you’re ready to Rock!

  • Post To One or All Blogs Instantly

    PURE BLOGGER allows you to post to unlimited Blogger Blogs at the same time or individually. You can schedule new posts to be posted at a later date on any or all of the blogs!

  • Global Overview

    Keep Control of all your Blogs inside PURE BLOGGER via the Global Overview showing your Blogger.com blogs stats such as: Title, URL, Total nr of Posts/Pages and Last Activity.

  • Assign Blogs To Groups

    No Matter If You Are Promoting Own Websites in different Niches OR if you’re A SEO Company for Many Clients You Can Assign Blogs To Groups. Once Setup, simply Choose a Group you want to Promote by selecting it in a dropdown.

  • Template System

    Perhaps you want to save a great post for later use? No problem, by using the Template System in PURE BLOGGER CRACK you can save as many templates as you want and import them with a single mouse-click!

  • Use Spun Content Everywhere

    Use Spun Content for Posts, Pages, Sub domains, Tags In Order To Get Unique Content on each blog.  Built-in Support for The Best Spinner and ArticleBuilder.

  • Create Up To 5 Blogs Per Account

    PURE BLOGGER Allows you to create up to 5 Blogger.com blogs per Google account. These accounts will be created on autopilot using Smart Algorithm and Scheduling to prevent your account from being closed.

  • Ability To Use Private Proxies

    PURE BLOGGER Allows You  to Use Your Own Private Proxies, With or Without Username or Passwords, In addition The Software has a Built-in Proxy Checker to Check The Status of Each Proxy (Dead or Alive).

  • Image Handling

    Insert images from your PC locally or search for images based on your keywords. If you use our Unique Image Search you can select several images and those images will automatically get uploaded and entered in spintax format!

  • Keep Control Using Groups

    If you have several blogs that are in different niches PURE BLOGGER Crack allows you to set a group name for each niche. This is also very useful if you are doing SEO for other clients as you’ll be able to show only this clients blogs!

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