$106 In 30 Minutes

“The Simple Super-Hack For Consistent Commissions”

This money making system is guaranteed to have
0% mental masturbation.

What is mental masturbation?

Mental masturbation is when you learn things that feel really good, or you might feel a little smarter when you learn them…

You might even say to yourself:

“Oh, that’s cool. I never thought about it that way…”

But, it doesn’t really make you any money.

That’s called mental masturbation.

This system is all about result.
How to get more money.

I’m not here to give you some flashy technology or a hype.

I’m here to just give you the facts.

I’m even gonna ask you to do some 5th grade math, alright?

What I’m gonna share with you in this video might not even be too sexy, alright?

But, it works.

It’s what I’ve used it to make a full time income online for over eight years now.

It’s what allowed me to travel all over the world.

It’s what allowed me to live well when I want to live on the beach.

It’s what allowed me to go to some crazy parties.

Do everything I’ve wanted to do. Drive the cars I wanted and All kinds of fun stuff…

Now, before I give you, what I call, the Holy Grail formula to make your money online.

I gotta make sure that you are worthy of the Holy Grail Formula.

The first one qualification, you should pass easily.

If you can’t, at least, do 5th grade math then this won’t be for you.

You won’t be able to understand The Holy Grail formula…

The second qualification is this…

If you’ve been trying to make a full time income online for more than three months, and you still believe there is some magical software, or some cool app, or some plugin, or something that you  install in your computer and you push some buttons and you insert your affiliate link here and then you press go, and money comes into your account.

If you still believe that’s possible…

We’ve invented some really cool shit…

But, nobody’s invented some software that you just put your affiliate link in it and you push go and you make money.

Nobody’s invented that yet…

So if you still believe in magic software that makes money spit out of your computer, or the Easter Bunny or, the Tooth Fairy then, also,
please leave this page.

Alright, I’m going to ask you to work a little bit.

I understand you’re busy. I understand you’re tired. I understand you got other things to do.

But, you are going to have to work, at least, one hour a day to take advantage of the Holy Grail formula.

My name is Alex Malave, and…

I failed at, pretty much, every business endeavor I went into…

Except internet marketing, it didn’t come easy… I had a lot of trial and errors to go through.

And, the content on this video is gonna help you overcome some of the most expensive and stupid blunders that I fell into.

 I’ve been in serious debt. I failed out of college.


I just want you to know that I wasn’t some genius that got a perfect, you know, 800 in his math SAT.

I wasn’t naturally gifted.
I’m not some genius or something.

I’m just someone who’s willing to put in the work and improve just 1% per day.

I know the power of 1% improvements daily. And, that’s what I want for you.

If you’re willing to improve just 1% everyday… If everyday you just get 1% better in making money online, by the end of the year, you’ll be 3x as good as you are now.

And, I’ll be willing to bet you’ll be more than 3x as good. Because, those learnings have a synergistic and compounding effect on each other.

So, how am I gonna help you
make money online specifically?

Well, it’s with these stupid images that you are looking on the screen right now.


Yeah, they’re called banners….

And, most people are scared of them for no reason at all.

Oh, no. I don’t wanna spend money.

I don’t want to risk my entire savings in order to, maybe, make a couple bucks.

We’ll you’re not going to have to do that…

Nassim Taleb to the Rescue…


And, he wrote this book called Antifragile…


He states that the secret to being good at business is doing things that have a very little downside and have a lot of upside.

So, you have a little downside and a
small probability than that downside will happen.


And, the upside is huge and it has a high probability of happening.


If you stick with me, you’ll avoid the common mistake that cause people to fail at making a full time income online.

And, one more thin…

Before I show you how to make
$80 profit per day or more with
these stupid little images…


There’s a quote by Gary Halbert and,
I want you to memorize it…

“All advertising is free once it pays for itself”.

 So, let’s say you give me $20 and I give you back $100. How much money did you lose?

The answer is nothing. You gained $80.

 Okay. Now, before you get scared and thinking that you’re gonna need a website, or a url, or to create these banners.

You won’t need any of that.

I’m gonna give everything for you including a Huge Banner Ad Swipe File, with the highest converting banners, exactly where to place them, exactly how to do everything.

Not only that.

I’m, actually, going to demonstrate a live campaign of
how to make $106 in 30 minutes…


So, you WON’T need a website.

You won’t need a url, a domain, or hosting…

You won’t need any of that…

I’m gonna give you everything you need, done for you, so you can start making $80 per day as fast as possible.

Listen, for the next two minutes, I want you to forget everything you know about making money online… Forget everything you’ve read, everything you’ve heard.

Just pay attention for the next two minutes…
I’m about to make things real… real simple.

Here comes the fun math part, okay?

You won’t need a scientific calculator.

All you need is 5th grade math.

If you can understand this next section, you’ll know everything you need to know about making money online whether you ever decide to buy a product from me ever or not.


I’m about to give you the Holy Grail formula to
making a full time income online…

Here it is…

EPC is greater than CPC.

Very exciting, right?

Now, before you think, oh, I already know this…This is basic.

Or, you might be saying, what the heck does that stand for?

Pay attention.

I’m about to break it down.

I’m about to give you some key distinctions that allow you to get higher EPCs than ever before and lower CPCs.

So, if you’re totally new. Don’t panic.

Here’s a quick breakdown of
what everything means.

CPC stands for Cost Per Click.

EPC means Earnings Per Click.

Now, the best way for you to learn is to give you a real example.

So, let’s say that I spend $50 to buy a banner.


By the way… these are real numbers from a campaign I did in about 30 minutes. And, I recorded the entire thing and you’ll be able to access it.

So, I spend 50 bucks in a banner.

And, I got 148 clicks.

Okay, that averages out to about 34 cents per click. ($50/148)…

CPC = .34 cents.


From those 148 clicks, I made $156 in commissions by promoting an affiliate product.

That means, that for each click, on average, I made $1.06. ($156/148)

EPC = $1.06

For a profit of $106.88 for about 30 minutes of work.

I want you to get that I can keep doing this over and over again.

Now, all the work is done and I can keep doing this over and over again.

And, to be honest with you, these aren’t even great numbers. $1.06 isn’t even that great of an EPC.

Check out some of these products with ultra high EPCs…

EPCs of $4 and above. That means, that on average, for every person that clicks, you make $4.

And, you can easily promote all of these products as an affiliate.

They tell you the exact EPCs of
hundreds of offers…

This is super powerful!

Check this out.

Let’s go back to the spreadsheet… Even if I pay a $1 per click which is so easy to do, it’s so easy to get 50 cents a click.

But, let’s just say I spend $1 dollar per click,


…and, let’s say I promote one of these offers with high E.P.C.’s


…and you get an average of $2 a click EPC.


Here Comes THE Most Important Part…

When we get 100 visitors, this is what happens…

 You get $100 profit…


No, Really…
Here Comes THE Most Important Part…

When we get 200 visitors, this is what happens…


Here Comes THE Most Important Part…

When we get a 1000 visitors, this is what happens…


This is what I love about internet marketing.

You can turn up the traffic like a knob and the CPCs and the EPCs stay the same.

And your profits go up without doing any additional work.

This is why there’s 19-year olds
driving around in Ferraris.

This is why Mark Zuckerberg is the youngest billionaire ever because there’s so much leverage online.

Once you lock in a CPC and an EPC, you can, hit two buttons and go from a hundred clicks a day to a thousand clicks a day.

And, you don’t do any additional work.

But, most people are scared of it.

“No, I want to write articles to get traffic.”

“I want to make YouTube videos and get free traffic.”

“No, I want to do freelancing works and do logos and get paid $20 an hour, $50 an hour.”

Screw that…

I don’t give a fuck if you make a thousand dollars an hour.

There is nothing better in the world than being able to push buttons and go from making a hundred dollars a day to a thousand dollars a day by just simply increasing the traffic that you get.

The first time you do that…

You’ll get addicted to it.

Leverage and automation is KING.


So, let me share with you really, really fast why most people fail to make money online.

The first way people fail is by being super cheap.

Being cheap turns out to be expensive.

They try to get a thousand clicks for $5.

Second thing, obviously, we already talked about it. They fall for the magic software.

Here’s Who I Made The
Banner Ad Masterclass For…

It’s for the person the person that is SOoooOooooo close to getting EPC > CPC.

Maybe they are just a few cents away from being able to get an EPC that’s greater than a CPC.

They are so close to being able to turn up the knob on the traffic and go from $100 profit to $1000 like I demonstrated above.


They are so close to being able to lower their CPC, raise their EPC and, then turn up that knob on the traffic. And, be able to turn those $100 profit days to $1000.

Banner Ad Masterclass Is The Most Advanced
System For Getting EPC > CPC And Then Turning
Up The Knob On The Traffic…

And, I show you how to do it from the absolute beginning.

If you’re brand new.

If you’ve never purchased a banner before.

If you’ve never made a sale line before.

I made this with you in mind, as well.

As long as you’re not scared of work and you can do basic math…

This entire training, the “Banner Ad Masterclass”, is about helping you get a higher EPC than CPC and, then turning that knob.

So you go from a hundred clicks to 500 to a thousand clicks.

The first time you are able to turn $100 profit into $500 and then $1000 and you turn up that knob, you’ll get addicted to it.

You’ll never be able to think in a per hour basis again.

You’ll never be able to be like, hhmmm, my goal for next year is to make $40 an hour.

You’ll throw that paradigm out the window.

Because now, you’ll be thinking in terms of leverage and automation.

You’ll be thinking of how to be more intelligent in how you use your time to set up systems that add value while you sleep.

And, that’s why I emphasize the number so much, and the simple math, and being able to turn up the traffic like a knob.

The “Banner Ad Masterclass”
gives you everything you need to get an
edge over you competition, including some kick-ass technology.

It’s going to give you the best tool I have for getting a low CPC, a high EPC and, then scaling and automating that campaign.


This tool will allow you to see exactly where I should place the banner, exactly what banners to use, exactly what’s trending, you know, what size are getting the best traffic, what’s getting the cheapest traffic.

So, you can get the lowest CPC
and the highest EPC.

It’s that simple.

You don’t need to complicate making a full time income more than that.

Just become obsessed with getting high EPC’s, low CPC’s, and then turning up the knob on the traffic.

That’s what “Banner Ad Masterclass” is about.

Also, you don’t need anything to get started.

You’re not going to have to make any banners.

You’re not going to have to do any of that.

I’ll show you my entire system of how I do it and how I outsource everything for free… Yeah, for free.

You won’t have to pay to get banners made.
And, you won’t have to make them.

I’m going to give you EVERYTHING you need…

Including banners.

Also, I know you’re busy, that’s why…

You’re NOT going to have to watch hours and hours of videos and take notes and then be like, “hhmmm, how do I apply that?”


All the videos are very short,
straight to the point.

There’s only three modules.

There’s four videos in each module.

And, each video is about seven minutes each.

You can go through one module per day in less than 45 minutes while you’re applying it…

So you can…

Complete The Training Quickly And
Start Making Sales As Fast As Possible…

One thing I want you to get.

I’m going to give you all the tools. I’m going to give you all the tactics. I’m going to give you all the how-to.

Yet, all we’re doing in this training is getting you a higher EPC than CPC. And, then we’re turning the knob up.

So, you get addicted to thinking in terms of leverage and automation.

And, you let go of the paradigm of thinking on a per hour basis.

Why Would I Share My Best Secrets To
Making A Full Time Income Online?

I got to a point where my passive income was higher than my living expenses a long time ago.

I did everything I wanted to do.

And, I know if you’re currently in a job you hate and you’re struggling, you might not want to hear this.

But, I honestly got bored of doing nothing.

I got bored of just sitting on the beach.

I got bored of just watching movies.

I got bored of just surfing YouTubes all day.

I got bored of just going out and drinking.

I got bored of all that.

I needed a balance…

So, I actually really enjoyed creating videos like this.

I really enjoyed creating products.

I like reading books.

I like jotting down ideas.

I like watching courses of other people.

And, I like synthesizing all that information and putting it together, in a way, that gets result.

I love getting emails from people making sales, who are excited, who never made sales before, who tried other things and this is the only thing that worked for them.

So, that’s why I’m releasing this.

You don’t have to believe me.

Just get the course.

Go through it.

And, if I’m wrong, obviously, I’ll give you all your money back.

No questions asked.

If this isn’t the most applicable course, a course that you watch a video and you know exactly what to do and you get a quick win after each video…

Every video, I give you basic things you can do so you get momentum.

So, by the time you’re done watching the course, if you apply the little quick wince at the end of each video, you’ll be done.

Start your first campaign to make that
$100 profit and then turn up that knob.

If you’re ready to kick some ass, I want you to know that you can do this.

I don’t care where you are. I don’t care how tired you are.

I don’t care how little you think you know about making money online.

All you need is one hour per day, probably, less on most days.

You need to be able to do some simple math.

And, you need to be obsessed with getting high EPCs, low CPCs and then using leverage and automation.

You gotta stop thinking in terms of dollars per hour. You have to start thinking in terms of EPC, CPC, and turning it up.

I know you don’t care about banners… I know you don’t care about math.

But, I know you care about money.

For me, the thing I enjoy the most is, right now, I’m working on the beach on my laptop.

I like being able to have my office with me wherever I go. I can wake up whenever I want.

Whatever it is that you want to make money online for, whether it’s to quit your job, to help a family member, whatever it is,
think about that right now.

Imagine never having to do another commute…

Never having to get your car and rush to work…

Not having somebody tell you what to do…

Imagine having all your bills paid for and auto-paying.

And, you don’t even think about it. Money just getting deposited into your bank account… And the bills are being paid for and your savings is going up and up and up.

How would that go for you?

Well, think about that right now.

Remember how we talked about how victory in life is about making decisions that have a little bit of downside and a lot of upside?

…This is one of those decisions, and it’s actually one of the
best decisions you can make because there is zero downside.

You can even get all your money back. So, you have zero risk and you have all upside.

If you made it to the end of this letter, I highly recommend you click on the button below.

And, let’s work smart. Let’s work hard. But, let’s have fun doing it.


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