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Campaign 1- The Hot Market Sniper

This campaign will search hidden Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and
Twitter buyers while at the same time turning their wants and desires
into sales and loads of commissions for you on a continual basis.

Campaign 2– The Selector Tool

This campaign will disclose the precise “Buyer Words” that can be used
to plug into your various campaigns . Also included is a secret method
to use Google and Alexa to find the hottest, and the most converting
products that are on Clickbank.

Campaign 3– The Spy Tool

This campaign is one of the most effective and quickest methods of converting
traffic into income. This product will search Yahoo and Spyfu, to
ethically “Swipe” traffic money makers that have actually already been proven
successful in the past.

Campaign 4– The Social Intelligence

This campaign searches the largest social media platforms in order to
get your raving fans and to reach markets that most Internet markets
never reach. All that is needed to put this system in use is to enter
your unique traffic code which will connect your dashboard along with the
Anthony Data Center, and this will make it possible to have actually real time
targeted traffic so fast that you will not believe it. The entire
project is self automated, and as soon as your see traffic coming in,
you can leave your computer running and go do something else, as the
system takes care of everything on autopilot.


This software is very simple and easy to use, and it can be run on any
computer without requiring an update to your computer hardware, as it is
run off of Anthony’s servers and is maintained by his team. By owning
this software, you will have actually the simplest money making “copy and paste”
piece of software that is available.

The system is going to put your information right in front of the buyer
on a silver platter, and they will be begging you to sell your product
to them. It is almost like taking candy from a baby, its so easy. The
system instantly identifies what programs and products on Clickbank are
the hottest sellers right now, and you will be able to plug this
program right into that frenzy of buyers who are looking for you, in
order to give you their bank credit card numbers.

The system will be available first as a promotional offer for just two
payments of $49, or if you wish to make just one payment, If you can not
afford to pay $98 you can take the other payment option of just $67
for this software that has actually an investment in it so far for over $50,000
in development costs.

Anyway these prices will not be available forever, the price will be
going up to $997 just as soon as this introductory offer is over because
Anthony wants to keep the system pure and spammer free.


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