Harness the power of Google+ and Social Media to Build an Authority website structure in as little as 30 days!
PR1 SITE Along with Merely 50 PAGES OF CONTENT


PR8 PR6 PR5!
Its Official:
Google now rank Websites Along with Authority Gained From Engagement in Google + and Social Media Higher Than Old Established Sites Along with no Google+ Presence!
Before we go any further this is not an additional report about how to set up Google+

If you want to know about that Google have actually a great “how to guide” available to download for free!
Its a Fact:

Old out dated methods to rank keywords just don’t work.

Spinning content no matter how good you might believe it is Merely doesn’t cut it anymore

Buying crappy back link packets of faceless profiles or blog comments will certainly do you far more harm than good (even if the sales page claims they are estate page PR 5! Merely don’t do it)

Buying $5 articles that have actually been spun by the outsourcer 100 times previously would certainly not grab my attention so just what good are they in this brand-new era of SEO,
We have actually all Heard Content is king
But you need to know exactly how to research it

How to easily tap in to hot trending topics that grab almost immediate ranking

How to deliver this content globally so it gets noticed.

Once it is noticed it gets shared and your rankings improve because your are clearly demonstrating you are an authority in your niche.
Do you believe Google is not fully aware of the latest tricks to game the system?
Of course they are, they have actually a multi billion dollar empire and employ the worlds ideal minds.
Until you embrace the brand-new exciting opportunites and use them as a positive and stop trying to game the system you will certainly keep on to struggle

After all just what is the definition of madness?
Doing the same points and expecting a different outcome!
We all hear we must be using social media to engage our supporters Yet do you really know just what that means?
Posting to Facebook and Twitter doesent seem to be having much effect, Pinterest and Instagram seem difficult to fatham out how to make money from and several marketers just don’t know just what to do next.
The answer is stop doing whatever you were doing and embrace this once in a lifetime opportunity called Google+

So just what is Google+ exactly?
Google quietly rolled out Google+ in 2011 and several people believed it was a waste of time because we all had twitter and facebook and why did we need an additional social media platform.

How wrong we all were!

Most people know from painful experience that Google have actually been on a crusade to clean up search for the past 2-3 years, we had Panda,Penguin and the exact fulfill domain penalty and several more that made minor changes Yet were not publicized.

just what no one knew back then was all of these updates to their algorithm were being carried out as portion of a much bigger update, something that would certainly adjustment the method we did business online and the launch of Google+ was the Merely very first stage of preparation for this brand-new update.

Google + was never intended as a competitor or alternative choice to Facebook or Twitter, it had a far bigger role to play and one that would certainly turn the globe of SEO On its head.

Google have actually always wanted to make certain the quality of the content served up in their results is of the highest possible standard, back in 2005 they applied for a patent called agent rank.

This was a proposed adjustment to the algorithm that would certainly take in to consideration the quality of content based on the amount of times it was syndicated and they wanted to reward the specific author for making this excellent content.
Great Concept,
Makes sense for author A that gets his information decided on up and shared by 1000 people to rank above author B that only gets his information decided on up and shared by 100 people.

The only problem was back then they had no method of knowing 100% for sure that author A was the original author so they couldn’t provide him or her an advantage over author B or anyone else.

That was until Google+ hit our screens

This brand-new platform had been planned for several years, it is set to become bigger than Facebook and is currently growing at a much faster rate.

It has actually provided Google Along with the perfect tool to have the ability to tie in all of a person’s content Along with their Google + profile and they have actually set up a couple of ways to have the ability to verify the ownership of this content.

They can easily now be 100% sure of the ownership of any content tied in to a Google + profile, so going back to my example of author A and B, author A is now being ranked above author B and every various other person trying to rank for keywords versus author A that doesn’t have actually this profile set up, content attributed to them and proof of a strong engagement Along with the major influencers in his niche from their activity in Google+

The good news for everyone that embraces this opportunity right now is it is still in its infancy and there is massive potential to make a killing on some serious keywords that up until a couple of months ago you wouldn’t have actually dreamed of going after.

Look at the latest traffic stats from early January, the figures are unique visitors per monthFacebook 750 millionTwitter 250 million

Pinterest 85 million

Google+ 65 million

Now you can easily view this in 2 ways, Consider the stats and say, it’s not worth the effort to set up Google+ because there is no real traffic

What a tremendous opportunity to grab in almost on the ground floor!
After the reduced key launch and several months of exhaustive testing and tweaking Google is now throwing their weight behind the Google+ concept, they are rewarding marketers that embrace it and use it exactly as they want people to use it Along with high ranking keywords.

You have actually a once in a lifetime opportunity to establish yourself as a key influencer within your niche.

You have actually the opportunity to establish a major authority website that would certainly have actually taken several months otherwise years to establish and you can easily grab there in weeks or months in several cases

The key here now is to guarantee you are using Google+ to its full potential, yes you can easily set up author mark up, link all of your content and grab your image in the results Yet that’s the easy part

Key troubles to solve

How do you capitalize from this opportunity

How do you develop content people actually want to share,

How do you easily locate key influencers in your niche that want to interact Along with you that will certainly boost your rank

How do you present a website that is set up and structured correctly so Google reward you Along with higher rankings
Connection is the buzz word now
Its how you connect your highly optimised content Along with your on page optimisation so the search engines know exactly just what your site is about and reward you Along with improved rankings so your visitors can easily easily locate you and buy your stuff.
So just what is the answer?


This comprehensive training course provides everything you need to make an authority site structure from scratch and it includes,

How to structure your website keywords for instant ranking

How to set up the correct silo structure for maximum ranking leverage

How to optimise content for both visitors and search engines

How to make Google proof content that ranks fast

Unique outbound linking strategy for instant authority

The exact anchor text linking strategy that works Short article penguin

The 7 essential social media accounts you just ought to have

Why “earn link” is the brand-new back link and just what you need to do to master it

Exact blue print to set up your very own social media hub

How to set up author mark up to grab your image in the search results

How to make a real social buzz about your website in a short period of time

The 17 vital triggers that you need to connect to the major influencers

How to effectively syndicate your content to the masses using FREE tools

The exact Site launch Formula

30 Day STEP BY STEP blueprint to success, Merely follow along for guaranteed results
Todays globe of SEO has actually changed forever,
Search Experience Optimisation is the brand-new SEO!

If you don’t embrace it and use it to your advantage you will certainly never ever make any money online

Unless you are raking in a minimum $5k per month from your website you probably need to adjustment just what you are doing and grab ahead of the curve for once.
Its not rocket science when you consider it, here is the deal…

Google have actually made it pefectly clear just what they expect to see from a website, both is structure and content.

You prepare a website Along with this exact on page site structure and they reward you will certainly higher rankings

You give content of the highest standard based on a proven step by step formula and you make certain this content is decided on up and shared across the internet by as several key influencers as possible.

Based on this, and providing you deliver it Google reward you with,

Instant indexing of all your content, why wouldn’t they, you are clearly demonstrating you have actually authority because of your engaement within your niche

This results in higher rankings even for competative keywords

Which provides more targeted traffic

The more traffic you grab means more shares, likes and retweets which results in even higher rankings and more targeted traffic.
It is now time to stop and take stock of your online business because that’s just what it is, a business.
If you want a business that will certainly become a major asset to you in the weeks, months and years to come now is the time to address the troubles you have actually and spend some time to create brand-new skills to allow you to become an authority in double quick time.

Creating an authority website structure in 2013 isnt all about Producing hundredes of pages, yes that is the overall aim and will certainly cement your position Yet the secret to getting fast results even within a few weeks or so is how you connect Along with others.

How can easily you grab the major influencers in your niche to interact Along with you, once you do this your overall standing will certainly soar and so will certainly your rankings.

Don’t Forget about on page optimisation in 2013

On page SEO has actually never been more important and if you don’t know how you have actually to present your website to the search engines in 2013 how can easily you expect them to send you the right traffic

It all starts Along with the foundation of your website. Unless you build this exactly how the major authority websites build theirs you will certainly never grab enough authority to rank your keywords, Google build this in to their algorithm so you are fighting a losing battle Prior to you start.

Building a website that will certainly be a major asset to you for years to come requires a certain amount of planning, most marketers decide on a niche, do some keyword research, publish some content and add to it as and when Along with no real pointer whats coming next.

This has actually no structure whatsoever and has actually no opportunity of real success.
To become successful in 2013 you need to make certain you are totally focused on giving Google just what they want, in a nutshell you need to make certain you have.
The exact on page site structure to allow Google to rank you effectively

Access to high authority traffic sources to channel back to your site

The correct social hub

Content optimised for both Search Engines and visitors

Automatic access to high authority trending topics

The right type of buyer traffic to your website
Its not that difficult once you have actually the facts and short article to act on, It’s a system. Follow the system and you will certainly grab success. The more job you do following the system the more victory you will certainly grab from it
It’s not a push button solution

It does require you to work

Yet the rewards are massive and the opportunity RIGHT NOW FOR YOU is a once in a lifetime chance

Don’t you believe you owe it to yourself to have actually one last push to be successful online.


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