Save Your Time and Money
…Search Directly in Facebook to Find Your Perfect “Custom Audience”
Target Audience

  • Target users based on groups and events they’ve joined PLUS find the biggest and most engaged pages in your niche.

One Click Search

  • In 20 seconds or less, find highly engaged prospects looking for your product or services along with just the click of a button.

Increased ROI

  • Save advertising dollars by pruning prospects who have actually no interest in your product or service!

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Target Your Audience

AudienceMakr is unique in that it allows you to find customers by searching groups and pages where these people are hanging out, actively engaging in conversations, and desperately looking for solutions to their problems. In other words, you aren’t just targeting prospects WHERE they’re hanging out…you’re likewise targeting them WHEN they’re most likely to convert!

Find Interested Customers

AudienceMakr likewise gives you the opportunity to find customers who are part of a Facebook event. This is very useful information when you want to find customers who are so interested in a topic, they are willing to take action and meet along with others. In other words, these prospects are willing to give up their TIME, and anyone who is open to investing their TIME is typically more open to invest their MONEY.

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