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Originally Posted by sanhern View Post
Just got this software and it will save me a ton of time! This is the time of year when I promote heavy for Black Friday and Christmas. I made some great money last year but the hours killed me doing everything manually! Not any more!!!

Already started playing around with the pro version and it is SICK!!! Brain dead simple to use and spits out videos super fast. Automation at it’s finest!! This is a must have for affiliates that are in the Amazon market space. Youtube is a huge search engine so take full advantage of it!!!!!

‘Tis the season to make some money!! Great work on another tool to make my affiliate life easier.
As always… Take Massive Action!!!



Originally Posted by Genio View Post
Review: (ver 1.31)

Solved all my problems,
one word: “WOW”

This really takes all the work out of making quick videos,
I’ve been waiting for something like this, “Great Timing” !

Scraping Images for Videos,
Whereas everyone else always
wants to create a folder with images,
simply a great, great, great Idea !

Love It !
Blu-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha !
“The Marketing Scientist”

P.S.: This can be used for a lot more than just “Amazon”, fantastic !
Now just add a way to “WaterMark” the video with a caption
per slide or continuous at the bottom to add in a WaterMarked URL.


Originally Posted by SGWarrior View Post
Awesome!! You may want to list this feature on the sale thread as it is really a good time-saver for Amazon niche site builders as they do not need to visit every related product pages just to download the images.


Originally Posted by buddhabux View Post
im impressed! its doing for me what the demo video says its supposed to do. it is very cool way to get LOTS of AMZ aff videos up fast. it eliminates the time gobbling factors.

i read this wso thread and im a little surprised at the number and types of questions. to me, many of them demonstrate a lack of understanding of this particular kind of YT marketing.

in facts, its a bit gh, it is not squeaky clean, its about getting a quantity up. its a YT video numbers game. if you want the software to be something different than what it is, its not for you, i guess.

so for new buyers, i recommend watch both wso videos. if you like what you see, get it. if you want something different or fancier or ???, dont get it.

reading this wso thread, its almost like im not on WF. Marketers market. Marketers SELL.

from a nitty-gritty marketing “get your videos out and promote like mad” perspective, im not understanding many of these comments. for example, for cya reasons you do not put all your YT videos in one account. YT can close ANY account for ANY reason, plus you want one account per niche, not one super-big account for a crowd of unrelated markets.

obviously, this software is gh, but even tho im a stickler, i dont find fault with the copycat strategies utilized by it. YT is super-competitive. you need every edge possible.

YT encourages all kinds of content duplication to an amazing degree. i just see it as the nature of the beast YT is and the video medium itself (easily duplicated).

success, david


Originally Posted by colinjeffrey View Post
Thank you very much for this great offer: I do, do affiliation marketing with Amazon love working with Video, and the Pro version looks the one to work with, I will work with it and get back to you soon. Colin Jeffrey


Originally Posted by EdwardsEZPC View Post
Hi. Since Mathias’ previous WSO – Youtube Stealth Assassin did such a great job for me (ranked on page 1 from page 5 of YT for a competitive KW)…and given that i have a long time dream of getting into promoting Amazon…i got this one too!Works Sweet! Creates Videos Fast!
How i used to do a video before:
Find the product – find images – download them – import in camtasia – edit – create the video – render it – upload it – tweak it! – This sometimes took me 30 minutes to do!And now this process became soooo much easier…
open this Amazon Blaster – enter details – push 3 buttons – go to YT to tweak the video!
And this only took – 2 minutes!Thanks Mathias! I dont know what other people say about errors and issues…but both your WSOs work just fine for me!A few tips for people:
1. Get yourself a niche, say, kindle fire and make 5-10 videos! Upload them to one single YT account.
2. Get another niche and upload to another account. (Say 10 videos about Canon HD cameras)
3. Dont put direct links from YT to amazon! Yt will ban your account and Amazon doesnt like it either.
4. I’d suggest NOT to add the price in the description. I think Amazon said that affiliates must always make sure the price is accurate when promoting stuff. Since prices always change, i’d not put the price in description.Dixi


Originally Posted by Martin Lee Jr View PostI’m a big YouTube fanatic, so I purchased Mathias’s last product and was very happy with it.So based on prior dealings with Mathias, I was all to happy to get Amatube. (Amazon Blaster)At first I was highly disappointed because like other I kept getting several error messages, when trying to create videos.

But, after playing with it all night I discovered that Mathias released the 1.2 version and all the problems were solved.

The software does exactly what it was built to do. It cuts out significant time gathering images, editing, and uploading to YT.

Just remember – (which is also recommended by the creator of the product) you should NOT use an Amazon link in your description as you can run the risk of getting both your YT and Amazon account shutdown.

Also: I would change the description around a little bit, as it seems pricing is extracted from the product, and adding prices as part of the video is going against YT’s TOS.

Other than that it is a useful tool, and will work for you, if used properly


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