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SEO PowerSuite Enterprise

The Industry’s #1 Search Engine Optimization Software

Did it ever occur to you that any SEO task can be done more efficiently and that any flourishing SEO business can still add a figure or two to its income? Yes, some SEOs log less overtime and end up with more digits in the bottom line. You bet they are using SEO PowerSuite.


SEO PowerSuite Enterprise

SEO PowerSuite Enterprise is de facto the standard software for anyone who does search engine optimization for living. Our user base is filling up fast with start–up entrepreneurs, small business owners, established SEO services and experienced and inexperienced SEOs. The cheering statistic is, 10 out of 10 SEO businesses strengthen their bottom line within the first two weeks. Which is not surprising though, if you know the story behind SEO PowerSuite.

There are reasons why SEO PowerSuite is the #1 choice for SEO businesses, from Fortune 500 companies to kitchen table entrepreneurs.

SEO PowerSuite assists in all activities necessary for top 10 positioning in search engines.

No need to install other free or paid applications. This software pack includes exactly the right tools an SEO business might need and fulfills the tasks a professional website promoter may face. Briefly, here is what you do with SEO PowerSuite:

  • Maximize clients’ sites’ chances for top rankings by optimizing their content
  • Boost customers link popularity by getting thousands of new link partners
  • Improve your clients’ search engine ranks by analyzing their competitors’ backlinks
  • Get advice and insight on improving website positions
  • Analyze websites’ progress in 325 search engines
  • Keep clients informed with timely custom–branded reports on each activity

This software lets you provide numerous clients with careful reports of your activities and progress.

With rare exceptions, clients want to know what they are paying for. Nothing will demonstrate your SEO progress as convincingly as the careful and easy to read reports made by SEO PowerSuite. All reports are written in plain English and fit into an eye–candy yet simple design. With this smartly–developed reporting facility at hand you keep your clients happy and well–informed.

SEO PowerSuite Reports are in line with the best practices of SEO industry.

We analyzed experiences of 100 most prominent SEO companies and their clients and developed report templates that fit requirements of today’s Web promotion industry. And, they are flexible. Firstly, you can edit the industry–standard reports if you need to add, remove or rearrange any data blocks. Secondly, you can customize reports with your or your client’s company logo, brand colors, signatures etc, so that it fully matches your brand.

Jump up here to see samples of SEO PowerSuite reports.

These fast tools speed up website optimization and promotion activities up to 187 times.

Website optimization and promotion makes us deal with huge loads of data. Google positions, PageRank, websites’ age, keyword distribution, search volumes, link popularities and hundreds of other factors that make up website’s top ranking need to be checked, re–checked and improved daily. SEO PowerSuite quickly does away with these endless hours of data mining, cutting routine time by 187 times. Even if you’re already using software to speed up your job, SEO PowerSuite is 17 to 62 times faster than other solutions you’d find.

This is the safest SEO software in the market.

SEO PowerSuite is the only toolkit that includes four different mechanisms to guarantee secure and uninterrupted work. Advanced safety settings help avoid search engine related problems common for other SEO tools. You can optimize an unlimited number of websites, run rankings and backlink checks safely, without risking to violate search engines’ rules.

SEO PowerSuite keeps you ahead of the SEO curve.

Our tools are constantly updated. A skillful team of experts monitors search engines and analyzes every new SEO trend that appears. Be sure no other SEO tool will react so fast to the changes in the SEO world. You get constant updates to give you more power optimizing your clients’ sites, safe and fast.

What tools make up SEO PowerSuite?

SEO PowerSuite is a pack of four tools that run smoothly on any operating system, be it Windows, Linux or Mac OS X and that, unlike tools from other SEO toolkits, can be run simultaneously, letting you do several SEO tasks at a time.

Rank Tracker

WebSite Auditor

SEO SpyGlass



This composition of SEO PowerSuite gives us unlimited possibilities to further develop each tool and upgrade it with new features. Right now, SEO PowerSuite is the most feature rich toolkit out there. This software was made to let SEO companies easily get their hands on each opportunity to bring profit.

We combined ease of use with extended functionality that makes even SEO gurus chuckle. And developers never stop adjusting and enriching the software with new money–generating features, following requests of real users. Here’s a list of only 248 most important features of SEO PowerSuite.


Is SEO PowerSuite going to be efficient for your company?

Our clients enjoy running the world’s de facto standard SEO software and keep us updated on their progress. With years of work behind, the truth is SEO PowerSuite proved to be the most cost–effective toolkit for an SEO business. Here’s just some proof that it’ll work best for you:

You don’t need qualified staff for tedious SEO jobs — the software makes it all so simple!

While the whole industry lacks academically trained SEO professionals, you’re onto a good thing. With SEO PowerSuite there’s no need for expert staff to serve your clients. A person with basic computer skills will be able to get the best out of the software.

Keeping in mind that the tools were designed to be used by humans, we managed to make it absolutely simple and user friendly. Our team analyzed working practices or real–life SEOs, and provided the tools with plain language wizards and step–by–step optimization guides. Even if you or your employees are totally new to SEO, once you fire up the application it gives you an action plan to immediately get moving in the right direction.

You save time by using the fastest SEO software in the industry.

The software was designed to automate each SEO task wherever possible. It keeps you or your employees doing just a few things that won’t take much time, and don’t require much work on your part. This not only speeds up your job, but boosts your efficiency at the most time–consuming steps of website promotion.

You deliver professional reports and increase loyalty of your existing clients.

You provide your clients with informative professional–looking reports from SEO PowerSuite and demonstrate clearly that your service is worth paying for. SEO PowerSuite reports are fully customized to match your brand, and the clients will never see any traces of software in them.

Look through all kinds of SEO PowerSuite report samples here.

You get more new customers.

Online promotion companies using SEO PowerSuite tend to be growing fast. The convincing SEO reports you’re able to deliver are just one of the reasons. It’s your immediate chance to earn your brand’s excellent reputation and make it one of your most profitable assets, attracting new client orders.

You are able to serve all new clients without compromising on quality.

Think of the amounts of time saved: now you have enough resources to attend to each new customer, look in their case, provide high–quality optimization services and keep every client entirely satisfied with results.

You get new revenue streams.

SEO PowerSuite assists in search engine optimization and in SEO consulting. With this software you easily optimize and promote websites, analyze them, charge website owners for optimization advice and provide SEO consultations. Develop new services that you aren’t providing right now and start pulling down cash from new sources.

Thousands of corporate users from big guys with 6–figure bank accounts to one–man SEO businesses confirmed that SEO PowerSuite was the quickest return of investment for an Internet–based firm. Are you ready to join the feast and maximize your profits?

SEO PowerSuite is your opportunity right now to position your SEO business solidly in your market, get more clients, turn them into your most valuable life–long customers and secure a steadily growing bottom line.

Get your hands on SEO PowerSuite Enterprise
and fortify your biz!

What Our Users Say…

Nick Dautlich

« Sliced would recommend Link-Assistant.Com Software to most SEO savvy web marketers.

Sliced rarely spend out on software tools unless they improve our workflow comprehensively. We found Link-Assistant’s SEO PowerSuite easy to use and they proved to save time during the SEO stage of our web development projects. The fact that this software works well on the Mac platform is a bonus and appealed to us. Sliced would recommend Link Assistant Software to most SEO savvy web marketers as a good all round solution. »

Nick Dautlich
Sliced Web design and search engine optimization


Ian Brodie

« Now my site is ranked #1 in Google UK and

I run a management consultancy firm in the UK specialized in helping professional service firms (lawyers, accountants, consultants) attract new clients and improve the way they sell. I used SEO PowerSuite software as a core component of my SEO/SEM strategy. Over a few months I was able to gain a large number of highly valuable backlinks, and now my site is ranked #1 in Google UK (and for a dozen or so target niche keyword phrases – in addition to getting onto page 1 for highly competitive keywords like ‘business consultants’. »

Ian Brodie
Lighthouse Business Consulting



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Get the world’s best Internet Marketing products at an unbelievable price. This huge collection of software can change your whole business life forever. 1. SEnuke XCr 2. Market Samurai 3. Keyword Elite 4. Internet Business Promoter 5. Miracle Traffic Bot 6. Mass Article Control 7. ArticleBot1.1.0&2.0 8. SEO Elite 9. Traffic Travis 10. The Action…

All in one SEO Pack Pro

All in one SEO Pack Pr0 – MBHF Only !

$79.00 Annual subscription

All in one SEO Pack Pr0


The Pro version of the #1 MOST DOWNLOADED WordPress plugin.

New features in All in One SEO Pack Pro include:

  • NEW Robots.txt Generator/Validator module – control how search engines crawl your site
  • NEW File Editor module – edit important files such as .htaccess and robots.txt
  • NEW No Index on pages and posts – control the No Index meta tag for individual pages and posts
  • NEW Import / Export module – export and import your All in One SEO Pack settings
  • NEW Documentation and inline help

All in One SEO Pack Pro v2.2 improves on the most popular WordPress SEO plugin.  With All in One SEO Pack Pro you can set site-wide defaults in WordPress as well as customize the search engine settings for each individual WordPress post and page.  All in One SEO Pack Pro gives you complete control over exactly what appears in the search engine results.

All in One SEO Pack Pro is easy to use right out of the box, so you can start improving your search engine results right away!

All in One SEO Pack Pro includes:

  • Unlimited downloads and use of the plugin on as many WordPress sites as you want
  • All upgrades to All in One SEO Pack Pro for as long as you maintain your subscription
  • Professional support from the developers of All in One SEO Pack


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BacklinkTOPIA Pro

BacklinkTOPIA Pro

“Revolutionary Software Plucks Website From Google’s Abyss… And Effortlessly Zooms It To Page #1 Rankings In UNDER 1 Hour ( With 97 MILLION Competing Pages… On Complete Autopilot!”


At last! Here’s how you can use an amazing new “Google proof” system
to zoom yourself to page 1 rankings… without having to outsource
anything… pay hefty monthly fees… or figure out how to use
complicated, expensive software that doesn’t even work half the time…

If you’re tired of seeing no results from hours of hard work… or spending
hundreds (maybe thousands) of dollars on building links back to your site…
and falling for every so called “groundbreaking” loophole every 5 minutes…

… Keep reading and find out how you can finally
break free from the cycle of disappointment –
And FINALLY just get something that really works!

From: Clint Faber

Saturday, June 21, 2014

RE: How to kick your rankings into overdrive using untapped resources…

Dear fellow business builder,

If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent HOURS and TONS of money on stuff to help your website get to the top of the search engines…

You’ve probably tried of…

  • Social media
  • “ Traditional” backlinking
  • Article writing
  • Link pyramids and triangles
  • Blog commenting
  • Expensive tools
  • Outsourcing

… and whatever else they’re pushing these days.

And maybe you’ve seen results with them – but I’m here to tell you that it’s all about to go downhill…

Because unless you’re armed with a state of the art, powerful backlinking software (or team that could do it for you), you’re about to get left behind.

Pay close attention, because…

“The SEO Game Has Changed Forever… And If You’re Still Using The Same Old Tired Backlinking Techniques And Tricks Like Millions Of Other Internet Marketers… You’re THROWING Time And Money Away!”

Let’s be honest…

The Google “Panda/Penguin” update literally wiped out thousands of internet marketers… overnight.

And with the way things are going – it’s only the start of a “seismic” level shift in the online world…

Even payment processors are cracking down on junk – how many Clickbank offers have you seen that are “sold out” (sure)…

And you’ve heard the “horror” stories of entire YouTube channels (like ProBlogger) yanked for no apparent reason… and even payment processors like Plimus are banning anything to do with internet marketing…

Frankly, using these old techniques are only going to get you the same results. Little… if ANY .

In fact… anyone still trying to use these techniques in the “new” age of internet marketing… is going to be left behind.

But this is NOT going to happen to you.

Let me explain:

“6 Months Ago I Stumbled Onto A Resource Almost NOBODY Was Using… I Didn’t Even Think It Would Work… Until I Saw My Website ZOOM To Page #1 On Google In UNDER 1 Hour”

Caption: With 97 MILLION Competing Pages!

But before you get all excited – let me just say that this was a FLUKE. Most of my websites take a little longer to move up the SERPS… a few days at least.

… however – it is repeatable, and GUARANTEED to work (more on this shortly).

Now you’re probably wondering what the “big secret” is…

And whether this really is a breakthrough new technique… or just the same old hype you’ve seen a bajillion times already.

Have you ever bought something that promised you instant results… but when you actually bought it, you found out it wasn’t ANYTHING like what was promised?

… well this is NOTHING like that.

Because in just a moment, you’ll discover exactly how you can…

“Jack Up Your Rankings… Kill The Drudgery Of Building Link After Link… Drop Yourself Right Into The Heart Of Your Market… And Cash In Like A Rigged Poker Game”

Let me explain…

About 4 months ago, I saw a HUGE drop in my rankings for many of my websites. I drive traffic to CPA offers, and my income depends on having a consistent, “bullet proof” system for getting laser targeted traffic.

… when I woke up the morning of the “Panda/Penguin” update, I had the shock of my life!

Although I had several income streams, this was a HUGE chunk of my income… wiped out overnight – and I knew that I HAD to find an alternative to get my income back to where it was. And fast.

Little did I know I’d stumble upon resources almost nobody was using… and boost my sites faster, easier, and even FURTHER than the “traditional” methods I was using before…

Article writing… link packages… spammy blog commenting… all of it could have been avoided if I just used this simple system in the first place.

In fact…

After discovering this amazing resource… and several others like it, I RUSHED this to my trusty programmer and had him create me a tool to put it on (almost) complete autopilot.

I call it, “Backlinktopia”…
“A Proven, Cutting Edge New Tool To Outrank Your Competitors… Faster, Easier, And With Almost NO Effort At All”

Before we continue, let’s get 1 thing straight.

This isn’t some crappy “pie in the sky” magic loophole or secret “underground” trick that’ll be exposed next month…

BacklinkTopia is built by an internet marketer – FOR internet marketers…

With this revolutionary software, you’ll be getting access to a groundbreaking method of generating high quality backlinks on a consistent basis…

… zooming yourself to the top of Google without shovelling hundreds or thousands away on tools and services that don’t deliver…

… or wasting hours of your precious time on ridiculous, spammed to death web pages hoping to snag a dab of its SEO juice…

Yes – the “good old days” of internet marketing are coming to a close … and it’s time to jump off the bandwagon and explore new ideas and methods to really succeed in the coming years…

And after several months of refining and tweaking, I’m proud to announce…

Build quality PR6-8 backlinks on complete autopilot
and reap #1 Google spots effortlessly…

Compatible with Windows & Mac OS
NEW!! PRO v. With Account Creation & Auto Upload
Other Updates include but not limited to:

100% FREE Upgrade to existing users
Added help in the community forum
100% compliant with all document sites
NEW supported sites



Take Backlinktopia for a 100% risk free “test drive” today..Downloud Now 

Here are the “nuts and bolts” of what happens behind the scenes…

  • You specify keyword/s of your choice so Backlinktopia only digs out RELATED articles in your niche
  • Backlinktopia will search your articles for the keyword/s you specified earlier (I’ve provided thousands of pre-written articles for you – you can use your own too)
  • It will then insert your anchor text with keyword to a URL of your choice
  • Backlinktopia automatically converts the articles to PDF, then uploads it to different document sharing sites
  • This is where the magic happens – your links in the PDF get indexed in Google and in turn, boost your own site rankings!

Anyway, here’s what’s possible when you get your hands on it today…

  • Step by step video training to show you how it works… I’ll walk you through the exact steps to get this state of the art tool to automatically build you backlinks on complete autopilot…
  • Ready made” package of articles you can use to instantly transform into PDF’s… ready to upload onto high traffic and PR document sharing sites to give you a fast and consistent boost in rankings (and profit)…
  • Train” Backlinktopia to go out and build a link for you from every second to every few days… you have FULL control over how many links you want to build and when… you won’t get “slapped” for having too many go up at the same time (unlike many spammer softwares out there that “shotgun” everything in sight and get banned)…
  • Personal support system… this isn’t a “hit and run” strategy like many people push online. I’ll be here every step of the way to ensure you’re using Backlinktopia correctly, so if you ever get stuck or need help, you’ll know EXACTLY what to do.
  • FREE upgrades for version 1 software… my team and I are constantly improving the software – so as we build up the feature base, you get full and complete access to them for a FRACTION of what others will be paying in the future…
  • Run multiple projects at the same time… if you have several websites, you can quickly configure Backlinktopia to work on them at the same time (rather than having to repeat the process over and over for different sites)…
  • Specify a single anchor text or multiples. .. simply plug in your keywords, and let Backlinktopia do all the hard, tedious work for you… you’ll start seeing results within just DAYS of using it!
  • Unlike “spammer” software that internet marketers use, Backlinktopia is 100% ethical and even beneficial to the World Wide Web… you’re simply using a unique traffic source to distribute your content!

Question: Have you ever thought of so many niche markets to tap into but never got a round to doing even one , because the SEO work required on all of them would be too tedious ?

Backlinktopia makes it as easy as it’s ever going to get… by putting all that slow, boring work on complete autopilot!

“It’s Like Having A FREE Virtual Assistant That Builds
High Quality Links For You Around The Clock…”
(Just “Set and Forget”)

I’m going to say something that might turn you off from getting this.

But I’d be lying if I told you all you had to do was click a few buttons and watch it build links for you on complete autopilot

The truth is, you DO have to spend some time initially configuring the software (I’ll show you how in just minutes with a video “crash course”)…

It’s kind of like “training” it to carry out instructions to repeat, so you can just leave it to work once you’re done.

… but apart from that, its potential is unlimited.

Then you’ll want to repeat the process until your passive income grows large enough that you don’t feel like creating any more.

And, if you’re willing to do that, (to spend a few hours to start creating the life of your dreams)… if you’ll try something new — you’ll demolish the single biggest block to making serious money online. ..

“Here’s What A Few Excited Investors Had To
Say After We Launched BacklinkTOPIA last month…”

“Your ”Backlinking Software” Rocks!
Seen an increase in traffic and sales”
I have to say that your ”Backlinking Software” rocks! I’ve followed your instructions and definitely seen an increase in the amount of traffic and sales on my other valuable sites. These sites will just get better meaning more sales for me …..I’ve wasted so much time with other (SEO tools) when all I really needed was this software and thanks for getting back to my queries promptly. That means a lot to me.
“Everyone Wants This to Stay A Secret”
With this tool I still can drive traffic to one of my blog which is now already index by Google up to 500uv/day.. I posted the screenshot on my social profile and people asking me what’s the secret.. but sorry, I did not tell them I use your tool.. hahaha..
“Very Easy To Work.. Big time Saver”
I’ve been using the software for a few days and have converted over 400 articles to pdf with a link to my site. The software does work if you use it properly and WoW what a Time Saver!
Wall Pants

Getting laser targeted
traffic to your money sites…

“What Would You Do With An “On Tap”,
UNLIMITED Stream Of BUYER Traffic?”

I don’t know personally what your business model is…

Regardless, it can help you whether…

  • You’re An Affiliate Marketer…
    Effortlessly drive traffic to your capture pages, affiliate blog, review blog, whatever… as long as you can get ranked, you’re going to have a huge advantage over those who prefer hammering their lists when a new launch is coming up.
  • You’re A Blogger…
    If you need to build up your blogs subscriber list… boost your affiliate commissions… and create a rabid following – your work needs to be seen! That’s where BackLinkTopia comes in…
  • You’re Using Adsense, CPA, Banner Advertising, Etc…
    This is self explanatory – but how much more money could you make if you could simultaneously boost your network of sites up the SERPS and immediately see a huge boost in your income? That’s what’s possible when you get BT today…
  • You’re a vendor selling your own products
    Listen – affiliates aren’t going to line up to promote your products if it’s not selling… and unfortunately, getting massive traffic to prove conversions can be a mountain to climb all by itself. Once you’re armed with Backlinktopia, getting traffic is EASY… and you can tweak your pages until it’s good enough to attract quality affiliates to your offer (this also has the side effect of not having to risk money on PPC)…
  • You’ve got Private Label Rights Or Resale Rights Products
    It’s time to cash in with your PLR and RR products you’ve piled up on your desktop. You’ve probably been held back because of the amount of time it would take to have to drive traffic to them… use Backlinktopia to quickly and easily drive all the traffic you need to them for instant profits…
“Once The Initial Beta Testing Phase Is Over, The
Price Goes Up $97… With A Hefty Monthly Fee”

Originally, I had decided there was absolutely no way I was going to share these secrets on a large scale.

Frankly, once the spammers get a load of this, they’re going to screw it up for everybody (which means we’ll probably have to spend even more money making sure the software works at all times – it gets expensive)…

… so if you act FAST (like today), I’ll let you have it for a pittance of just $47 below…

But as soon as the BETA phase is over, and it runs smoothly for everyone (a few people have had minor issues), the price for Backlinktopia will, at MINIMUM double…

And once we’ve added in a few other features to turn this into an “all in one” SEO program like SENuke or Magic Submitter, Backlinktopia will also have a hefty monthly fee to use.

However – you still have a chance
to get this for
just a 1 time fee this month…

…But you MUST act fast.

The Beta phase is almost over, and we’re about to do a full blown launch with all the bells and whistles.

Get your copy of Backlinktopia for a 1 time fee of just $47 this month– with FREE upgrades every week!

“4 Reasons To Get Backlinktopia, Right Now…”

No Hefty Monthly Fees

Unlike having to pay for outsourcers or expensive monthly fees for software, you can have your backlink building done… and BETTER… and for a FRACTION of what it would normally cost you with Backlinktopia…

No Google Slap, or Penalties..

Unless you go crazy and try to build hundreds of links in one day, you won’t get penalized (that’s why we have the “drip” system to automatically build links at intervals)…

No Saturation

Not only that – It will be IMPOSSIBLE to saturate… because we’re using the link juice from high PR document sharing sites (PR6-8) which are currently untapped by marketers (and won’t be for a long time). Even the best article directories don’t share as much juice as document sharing sites.

We’re also working behind the scenes to add more and more sharing sites… for even more link juice!

No Learning Curve

Once the initial set up is done, it’s as easy as opening the program, choosing your articles, and setting it up to automatically upload it with your backlink (and anchor text of choice)…

There’s nothing left to “figure out”… and no hours spent scratching your head trying to get it to work…

It’s really just…

“An Ingenious Way Of Getting Quality Backlinks…
That Almost NOBODY Else Is Using”

How many times have you bought a “link package”… only to find the pages basically spammed to death by the time you get there?

What about blog comments?… sure, there is some software out there for this – but most of them never get approved… and the ones that do, are low quality sites nobody cares about (and spammed too)…

… expensive software?

Aren’t you tired of paying hefty monthly fees just to rank your sites?

What about making thousands of fake friends on Facebook… and failing miserably to get a decent return on your time?

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that getting your sites ranked is becoming a wild goose chase, with marketers desperately competing with each other over the same scrap of meat…

… Backlinks are the ONLY “time tested”, guaranteed way to get a long term, autopilot traffic stream to your site (except for risky paid advertising)…

And if you’re willing to take your business to amazing new heights using the latest technology in the IM space, take action and secure your copy today for a ridiculously low price…

100% RISK FREE Order”

Clint, I’m ready to flood my money sites with laser targeted traffic on autopilot using Backlinktopia…

I know this tool and the method will never get “saturated”, and that Backlinktopia is a revolutionary way to ethically build high quality, PR6-8 backlinks!

Clint, I also want to take advantage of the 1 time fee a moth special you have going on… I know software can get expensive to maintain, so let me have it today, with FREE upgrades (even when new features are being added!).

I also know that in the off-chance Backlinktopia DOESN’T flood my websites with laser targeted traffic, I’m entitled to a full, prompt refund within 60 days from now.

Clint is taking all the risk here…

I’m ready to get my copy of Backlinktopia… and make my investment today back hundreds of times over!

So what are you waiting for?

This is about as automated as it’s going to get without having to pay hefty fees for software, or on somebody to do it for you (and will probably achieve less than what you can with Backlinktopia today)…

It’s the ticket to your own success – one that opens up previously closed doors of possibility with your online business.

Remember, this isn’t just some stupid loophole – it’s a LONG TERM traffic strategy that will keep working for years to come.

My developers and I have even taken it the extra mile by “future proofing” it so its incredible, results-bringing technology will never get compromised in one foul swoop…

“What Is It Costing To NOT Have BacklinkTopia
In Your Marketing Arsenal?”

Have you been struggling to get anywhere lately? How long have you been trying the same old stuff…

Isn’t it time you got something that just delivers what it promises?

… Where will you be 6 months or a year from now? Still struggling?

Or will you be enjoying life to the max… never having to worry about pesky backlink building or relying on played out tricks and secrets… and effortlessly banking big bucks with your high traffic system?

I hope it’s the latter – because it’s truly possible from today on out.

Your investment in Backlinktopia will pay for itself hundreds of times over if you put it to use in your business today.

secure your copy immediately

To your success,
Clint Faber

Internet Marketing Expert

PS – I hate to repeat myself, but I am going to one more time. This is only for people that are serious about their success, are willing to try something that really works… Frankly, using the same old tired tricks as literally millions of other internet marketers is only going to you so far…

Aren’t you tired of Google “playing around” with your income and livelihood?

You can quickly build up laser targeted traffic to any site you need… whether it’s a sales page, blog, affiliate offer, CPA, adsense – whatever your “weapon of choice” is, Backlinktopia can be the backbone of your online business to get tedious, boring, but necessary work done for you while you do other important tasks…

Here’s your chance to get your hands on an ingenious, evergreen method to building powerful links on autopilot…

P.P.S. Consider Backlinktopia as a “virtual assistant”… that turbo-charges your site and zooms your site rankings sky high. And remember, this isn’t some secret underground loophole or some junk software thrown together to make a quick buck like everyone else… I created Backlinktopia after my sites got messed up by the Panda/Penguin update a few months ago.

I had to get my sites back up quickly and efficiently, and this new tool was born… and now I’m finally revealing it to the public for a very limited time (at an affordable price – for now)…

So act quickly and get your copy of Backlinktopia today for a 1 time fee of just $47 this month…

P.P.P.S. You’re probably thinking… “what? No bonuses?”… look – Backlinktopia is extremely underpriced as it is… it’s a tool that can replace a virtual assistant that builds links for you on complete autopilot and gets you traffic to your money sites…

… Frankly, if you think you need “extras” to make this “worthwhile” for you – this is NOT for you. I don’t need to bribe you by piling on a crap-ton of bonuses you’ll never get through… besides…

You have a FULL, 60 day “test drive” period – and if you feel this isn’t for you, if you’re not absolutely thrilled with your investment in Backlinktopia… if you’re not getting sky high rankings… blasting away your competition… and making more money – then contact me for a full, fast refund. No hoops and no questions asked…

Take Backlinktopia for a 100% risk free “test drive” today…

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0MMO IM Tools

0MMO IM Tools List | 0MMO Bot List

0MMO IM Tools List | 0MMO Bot List
[Image: 51FMZ.jpg]
– .Edu and .Gov Backlink Finder Pro v1.2
– 27 senukeX templates

– A1 Keyword Research 2.3.1
– AAC Trackback Submitter 6
– Adwords Voucher Finder v2
– Alexa Rank Enhancer
– All In Scraper v1.1.36
– Amazon PinPoster v2
– Article Scrape Chief v2.1
– Article Marketing Robot v1.1.0.7 + 80K Dir PR2+ List
– Article Reviser
– Article Tools v0.2.1
– Atomic Email Studio v8.40.0.1210
– Atomic Mail Sender v4.27
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