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Watch the video below to see WAC generate highly spun, niche relevant content for Senuke and GSA Search Engine Ranker

No Recurring Fees

We charge a one time fee for a license of WAC. You can spend this money on your servers, proxies and other things.

Pricing Options

Want To Know How WAC Works ?

Although we call it a one click software, WAC allows too many tweaks. You can change size of article, spinning level, content source etc.

Scrape Content

WAC can download content from two sources – WAC database (we provide over 5 million articles from 500+ niches) or Article Directories (WAC can scrape content from over 25+ article directories). For majority of keywords WAC can scrape over 200+ articles. For high volume keywords you can get over 5000-6000+ articles.

  • Spin Content

    After scraping WAC will spin the content using our own spinning mechanism which uses the best database available. It has over 20 Million synonyms which can spin almost anything. From informational to educational and even commercial content, everything can be spun.

  • Build Content

    WAC will finally build content from the scraped articles using either Tier 1 mode or Tier 2 mode. Tier 1 reads much better and is available to premium members only (check pricing page). You can also export the content to PDF file or export as an API to import in other softwares.

Think WAC Just Builds Content ?

From adding videos to images, titles and building full campaigns WAC does it all. Watch videos below to see how WAC generates content for all tools.

Here Are Some Of The Awesome Features

WAC has got some of the most impressive features – From our API to hands free campaign WAC offers everything

  • 25+ Article Directories

    WAC supports over 25+ article directories from where you can scrape content. They are all high PR and manual approved directories making sure you get good quality articles

  • In House Content Spinner

    We use our own spinning thesaurus and algorithm. You do not need any third party script which makes sure you build content faster and save money too.

  • WAC Database

    We provide over 5 million articles to basic members and 10 million articles to our premium members. These are ezine articles from over 500+ niches and are very good quality.

  • GSA Search Engine Ranker API

    Our software is integrated with GSA on API level. You can import all content for a project in one click. Premium members can import multiple campaigns at once.

  • One Click Campaign Building

    Build campaigns for Senuke, GSA, UD, MS and other tools in just one click. You can build all the data needed such as author bio, titles, videos, images etc.

  • Automatic Filters

    WAC will remove unwanted things such as illegal characters, encoded text, website links and other things which you do not want in your content.

  • Easy Export/Import

    WAC allows saving all your articles in a single XML file through right click. You can use it later for other tasks.

  • Image + Video Scraper

    WAC has tools which allow you to scrape images and videos and create a spintax of their embed code. You can use this in any tool.

  • %LINK% Tag

    You can choose to add a link tag in your articles which you can later replace with anything you want such as images, videos or custom <a href> link tag.

  • Title Builder

    WAC provides two sources to build titles – One is WAC database of premium articles and other is custom database of titles.

  • Massive Tweaks

    You can tweak your content in a number of ways. You can change number of lines, paras and variations per line or para. You can define spinning level and other details too.

  • Multi Tier Content

    WAC allows you to build Tier 1 and Tier 2 articles. While basic members get access to tier 2 mode only, premium members get access to both Tier 1 and Tier 2.

  • Keyword Suggest

    You can get related keywords from WAC database to download content on more keywords. This way you can generate thousands of article for your campaign.

  • Translate Content

    Basic users can use Google Translate to translate their content to another language while premium users can use our own translation farm or Google Translate.

  • Public API

    Build content in WAC and then import it in any link building tool through our public API. You can import multiple articles in single click.

What Our Customers Say About WAC :

WAC is a beast compared to anything else. It builds content in 2-3 minutes. I can complete all my campaigns within 5-10 minutes. Almost all softwares are supported which makes import easier.

Jerry Kindler, Youtube SEO

James your tool is insanely fast. It churns out massive content at amazing speed. I have completed over 500+ campaigns for my clients and never faced any issue. Also thanks for keeping it upgraded.

Keith Jason, Keith Money Matters

GSA with WAC is awesome. I mean I fill over 8-10 campaigns in only 6-8 minutes. Some of my earlier campaigns took over a full day to completely fill any campaign. Keep building nice tools and i will buy them all.

Elyse Ronney, WAC Customer

Alright I have tried almost all content generators and got a refund from them. I just love WAC. Been using it only for a week now and it’s awesome. The price is so cheap and the features are so awesome.

Anthony Jensen, Henderick SEO


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