21 thoughts on “Ultimate Adult YouTube Blueprint

  1. MBHF

    These are very big files and i will send it to you only via copy.com.Sign up for @copy with this link, and we’ll both get 5 GB of free cloud storage in addition to the usual 15 GB: MBHF @copy.com

  2. Andrew

    How can i download this course ?

    • MBHF

      If you are a member you will get this for only $5 !!!

  3. dregalado

    I’m a MBHF member and I would like to get this course asap. Where can I send you the additional $5? i just signed up to @copy via your link.

    • MBHF

      or you can find the course under your membership information >>> Add/Renew Subscription

  4. dregalado

    Hi MBHF,
    I sent the $5 this morning but haven’t yet received the download link.

    • MBHF

      since you are the first to order this course i sent you same sweet bonuses!!!

  5. dregalado

    Thanks MBHF, this was the best little $5 investment I’ve ever made 🙂

    • MBHF

      Thanks,be ready for more great stuff!!!

  6. kyo

    how i could get this course ????

    • MBHF

      you can get this course within your member area!!

  7. nabil987

    i bought this course for 5$ but i can’t download it ! i’m a vip member

    • MBHF

      can you please open a ticket at our support desk and we will send you the download link….

      • nabil987

        yes i did that yesterday 🙁 i got nothing . can you please send it to me ? i really need it !

        • MBHF

          i all ready send you the download link to your first ticket…

          • nabil987

            Sorry but i couldn’t find it :/ can you please send me the link to my email ? It’s : abdelhamidadoum28@gmail.com

          • MBHF

            the download link is posted in the ticket that you open…and i will send it to your mail too

          • MBHF

            i just send it to your mail too…

  8. how to get this do u accept payza ?

    • MBHF

      we are accept paypal and all the major credit cards so we will ad payza soon

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