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Super Auto Blogger v4 + BONUS

… or edit each write-up by hand.If you are going to do that you might as well use the free tool ‘Windows Live Writer’ and learn how to copy and paste. Do you really believe it is viable to set up hundreds of blogs if you have actually to manually adjust every post? just what you need is a tool that will certainly get the data for your posts for you, spin the content to make it unique and write-up it all without any intervention from you at all. Only that means can easily you really set …


Ultimate Tweaker for WordPress

… deleted in all pages Email Change from email address and name – will be used for all sended emails Theme Smooth scroll in Chrome Enable fast click on Touch-devices Load jQuery from CDN jQuery CDN (provided by MaxCDN) Google CDN Remove version parameter from css/js files <HEAD> Cleanup Remove wlwmanifest – used in Windows Live Writer client Remove the prev and next short article link Remove shortlink for the page Remove canonical link for the page Favicon & Logos Set …