Facebook Viral Bomb 2.0

Facebook Viral Bomb 2.0

A Must Have Tool For Anybody Serious About Traffic And Making Money Online!


FROM: Nelio Dos ReisNelio-pic

Dear Online Marketer

If you want a solution as close as possible to push button…

Or a strategy that is almost entirely automated to make you money…

Then this is the most important page you’ll ever read…

Because I’m about to show you exactly how it’s done…

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Just the way my lazy ass likes it!

sub-head1.1You’re probably wondering how it’s even possible to make money from only 5 steps?


Give me just a moment of your precious time…

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step1strategy2step2strategy3step3strategy4step4strategy5step5strategy6boomYeap… It’s that simple!


Off course you’re not…

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This stuff works…

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sub-head2.2Seeing that there is only 5 simple steps…

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Even if you’re a marketer starting out online, you can totally understand and implement these easily…

In fact…

The beauty of this system is that it doesn’t involve any of the following…

Failed-attempts1.12There are other easier ways of making money online…

Like my simple and verified strategy!

The only thing that the above tedious tasks did was make me spend hundreds of fruitless hours online and a lot of money on useless products…

And Trust me…

It was a Sh*#t load of time and money…

It was a lot of sleepless nights over and over in hopes of making it BIG online!

Damn… it really got difficult keeping my eyes open at work the next day…

They were so droopy, it felt like I just came out of a boxing match with Mike Tyson (When he was at his peak off course :))

What made things even worse was the fact that I hated my day job and dreaded every single thing about it…


Life really wasn’t great at all!

Luckily it did finally change for the better!


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BleuPage Pro

BleuPage Pro

Promote Products & Build Marketing Lists Directly Inside Your Facebook Fans Newsfeed! Increase your business by generating more fans, leads and sales from your Facebook pages using cutting-edge software technology! See it in action below … What Does Bleupage Do for Me? Quickly Get Fans, Leads & Sales from Your Facebook Pages The Bleupage software…

AIO Jeet Marketing Software

AIO Jeet Marketing Software _MBHF_



Keywords Jeet


Why is Keywords Jeet the best keyword navigation tool around?

  • Find related keywords and drill-down to related keywords for related keyword endlessly.
  • Harvest thousands of keywords for your niche in a matter of minutes.
  • Check how competitive each keyword is, and how hard will it be getting on the front page.
  • Export your selected keywords for use in a spreadsheet, or copy it to clipboard.

Market Jeet Pro

The best-in-class Youtube suite that lets you directly touch your viewers.


  • Data Collection
  • Collect videos according to keywords, harvest channels, find the latest videos from feeds or get the top videos for any keyword.
  • Identify viewers who are interested in watching videos in your niche. Get them from videos, comments, etc.
  • Reach viewers
  • Subscribe to users in your niche and get subscriptions in return.
  • Add fresh contacts in your niche by identifying and sending contact request to targeted users.
  • Send messages and your videos to your contacts and update them about your fresh videos.
  • Build an audience
  • Sustained campaigns boost your views, subscribers, and contact network on Youtube.
  • Over time you build up a dedicated viewership for your videos and your channel.
  • Increase your presence on Youtube and establish a brand.


Traffic Jeet

Traffic Jeet 4-in-1 YouTube Suite

This must have toolset for any YouTube video producer has the following software.



Tube Rank Jeet


Video Jeet

“Why Video Jeet will really work for you!”


  • Video is the new frontier for Internet marketers. The new segment
    which still has the potential to earn hundreds and thousands of dollars
    for anybody who gets it right.
  • Google, the king of all search engines handles videos differently
    than all other content. The content uploaded with the video does not
    show up as part of the normal search results, nor is indexed in the same
    way, giving you a huge opportunity to make Google work for you by
    targeting the search using Video content.
  • By sharing viral videos and driving traffic to them you can build a
    stable flood of traffic that brings an unending flood of income.
  • Don’t waste your money on video sharing websites that charge you a
    huge monthly fee to let you share videos when Video Jeet gives you the
    power to do it free with added benefits!
  • Discover an endless stream of content in your selected niche. New videos just keep coming in and in and you can pick and choose.
  • Modify every aspect of what’s posted to your site including the title, the description, and the keywords.
  • Keep full control over what gets shared. Reject videos you don’t like. Post videos immediately, or let them queue up for later.
  • Video Jeet lets you do as little or as much work as you want to do.
    On full auto you can just turn it on and sit back while it does all the
    work, or you can spend a few minutes every day, to give a massive push
    to your earnings from video sharing.
  • Video Jeet is the only system that works with free blogs on Blogger
    too. By targeting free Blogger blogs you can build an endless free
    series of video marketing blog in your selected niches, setting up
    multiple pipelines of money.
  • Video Jeet is a great way to target long-tail keywords which bring 70% of search visitors.
  • You can even use Video Jeet to build regularly updated link-bait
    blogs, all linking back to your main website or landing page. Bringing
    you visitors, and search!


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