super auto blogger

Super Auto Blogger v4 + BONUS

… automatically update every day. The search engines freakin love this! And simply consider how easy the software is to use. Below is a screen shot of the most ONLY screen in the entire system. simply tell it the blog URL and its login details, the niche keyword(s), how several posts to produce and which source to use. Then tell it how frequently apart to make the posts and whether you want to spin the content or not. Then simply push a button and sit spine and let it grab on along with it! The …

Google Plus Bot

Google Plus Bot

… your profile URL to the write-up and is one more method for users browsing google plus to stumble across your profile Full RSS Feed Sustain Auto write-up text, images, links, videos Easily specify content to syndicate to your Google Plus feed. Automatically write-up brand-new wordpress posts or links, twitter tweets, pinterest images, imgur images, youtube videos. Powerful scripting to job along with Any type of RSS feed. Assign tokenised meta data to use to each video. Repeat to upload every …

Tumbling Jazz – The Ultimate Tumblr Bot

… Using your automatically developed accounts, you can easily use these accounts to Like posts along with all others decided on accounts. Some serious viral action going on right here! Reblogging Search for posts to reblog. All posts are supported for reblogging, articles / videos / audio / quotes / links etc. Use keywords to set the meta data such as URL Stub (SEO URL), tags, additional descriptions. Mass Reblogging Using your automatically developed accounts, you can easily use these accounts …

Ultimate Tweaker for WordPress

… of edge menu Favicon for admin area Change link, button and icon colors Admin bar logo button Button along with logo to start of admin> Use site or any URL Sub-menu along with any links or pages Admin Footer Message Use logo along with link to any URL Hide default link and text Use any HTML code Remove “Screen Options” panel – contextual options panels will certainly be deleted in all pages Remove “Help” panel – contextual Suggestions panels will certainly be …

GET WP-Tube-Plugin

… plugin. Easy to install theme. Grab Videos From Top NINTEY (90) Tube Sites. WP-Tube-Plugin Provides ONE HUNDRED TWELVE (112) Themes Color. Click Here to view the all themes color. Grab Thousands Of Videos Automatically. Some SERVER SECUIRTY FEATURES are added to avoid LOAD ON MYSQL SERVER & HIGH CPU USES in WTP(Pro). Multiple & Automated CRON JOB features for grabbing videos. You just copy paste CRON JOB URL & grab videos Automatically. Add/Edit/Delete Video Source Category Anytime. …
Paypal Crack1

Paypal Crack

… in this case, the download link is: hxxp:// the URL beside “return” value=” is the Product. or new technique for firefox just do search in G**gle or a!exa for JavaScript-enabled browser plr paypal plr or ebook or wso or something like that, play around In firefox go to , tools – page info – forms it is a little older, but you will see the DL link 85% of the time ENJOY CRACKING THE PAYPAL CODE! I would suggest hiding IP …
Banner Ad Masterclass

Banner Ad Masterclass – Make $106 In 30 Minutes

… you how to make $80 profit per day or more with these stupid little images… There’s a quote by Gary Halbert and, I want you to memorize it… “All advertising is free once it pays for itself”.  So, let’s say you give me $20 and I give you back $100. How much money did you lose? The answer is nothing. You gained $80.  Okay. Now, before you get scared and thinking that you’re gonna need a website, or a URL, or to create these banners. You won’t need any of that. I’m gonna give …
Tweet Attacks Pro III v6.0.1.8

Tweet Attacks Pro III v6.0.1.8

… it’s all is down to your settings.   Other Settings Here is where you can set number of threads, timeout, public proxy/useragent, captcha solving solution, SpinnerChief api and auto URL-shorten. Auto Data backup and Resume Now TweetAttacksPro can auto backup your data when the program is running. If your data is accidently destroyed, you can resume it very easily. Global Black List You can set a global black list for follow, unfollow, retweet, reply, favorite and direct … Details
My Click Boss _MBHF_

My Click Boss

… click statistics. You will always know the exact number of clicks sent to any desired URL and where they came from. Click rotator services that can handle an unlimited number of URL’s. You decide how … Details