Comprehensive PPC Training Learn Adwords Facebook Ads

Comprehensive PPC Training Learn Adwords Facebook Ads

… going to get from this course? Over 48 lectures and 5 hours of content! Understand PPC Marketing (Pay-Per-Click) Understand Google Adwords & launch your first campaign Understand Facebook Ads & launch your first campaign Derive insights and optimize your PPC campaings by using Google Analytics Increase your conversion rates by running A/B tests What is the target audience? Digital marketers Anybody at a digital agency that deals with media buys Startup owners looking to get more …

Tube Tycoon

Revolutionary NEW Software Supercharges Your Videos and Ranks Them On Page 1

Are You Tired Of Uploading Videos To Youtube and Seeing Them Tank Instead Of RANK? “Revolutionary NEW Software Supercharges Your Videos and Ranks Them On Page 1” Massively Increase The Exposure To Your Videos Using Cutting Edge “SEO” Technology Introducing I spent months running isolated tests to see what had a REAL impact on ranking a video.  The result – A revolutionary, unique, powerful desktop software that gives you the “SECRET” to ranking …


… ugly Iinks.also hiding your link and referrer Links redirected and still pass Google’s tests and allow for Good SEO Link Rocket changes your Affiliate links all in one central place So easy and quick to get start right now   Link Rocket is super easy to use. What used to be difficult to get CPA and Affiliate Offers to convert is now just a few clicks of a button. Your days of wondering why you aren’t making money online are over. After all of the frustration you’ve experienced … Details
AdTrackzGold v5.1

AdTrackzGold v5.1 – Latest Version

… same, the amount of work you put into your business stays the same, but somehow, you are now making $2000/week! It’s almost like free money. And the only way you can discover these things is by testing every little thing. With Adtrackz, the process is extremely simple. Check your stats in the exclusive section dedicated to split tests and you’ll see one campaign’s conversion rate and R.O.I stacked up against the other, you’ll know right away which salesletter is pulling. … Details