Ultimate Tweaker for WordPress

… &lthead> Add featured images Custom head and footer for Rss Maintenance Mode Define logo, message and background image(cover or repeat modes) Keyboard Shortcuts Ctrl+. L – Pages list Ctrl+. N – brand-new page Ctrl+, L – Posts list Ctrl+, N – brand-new post Ctrl+, C – short article categories list Ctrl+, T – short article tags list Ctrl+S – Publish action Ctrl+Shift+S – Save action Ctrl+Q – Preview action Ctrl+M – Menus Ctrl+Shift+M – Menus on brand-new window …

Tweet Attacks Pro III v6.0.1.8

Tweet Attacks Pro III v6.0.1.8

… message for every account. Auto Favorite Task  Search keywords to find tweets to favorite, or watch other peoples’ tweets and favorite them in real time. This makes your account look active and gives your account more chance to get followed. Auto Send Message Task  Send messages to all your followers, or randomly send to some people, or send a message to new followers…etc. Advanced Task Settings  Set some advanced functions like auto-Shift proxy when the current … Details
CodeCanyon X-Commander v1.0

CodeCanyon X-Commander v1.0 _MBHF_

… Create directory F8 : Delete F9 : Create file CTRL/CMD + ENTER : Open selection in main window BACKSPACE (Firefox) : Go back in history Shift + BACKSPACE (Chrome) : Go back in history DEL : Delete selection CTRL+W (Firefox) : Close last window Shift+W (Chrome) : Close last window Shift+UP/DOWN : Multi-Selection CTRL+A : Select all CTRL+C : Copy selection to clipboard CTRL+X : Cut selection to clipboard CTRL+V : Paste selection CTRL+S : Save current editor’s content CTRL+F : Open search … Details
Blackbook Members

Blackbook Members Area Ripped

… Offers That Sell Like Crazy Elite Niche Research Making The Shift HTLA Freedom Running Lean The Lazy Domainer Web Domination 2.0 How to Be Creative and Innovative Work Smarter Estate Study Program Frank Kern – Millionaire Marketing Formulas Now you can have all these fabulous WordPress plugins for creating a fabulous WordPress website. 1. SEO Pressor 2. WP SEO 3. AutoBlogged 4. Wishlist Member 5. WP Affiliate Pro 6. WP Robot 7. WP content Spinner 8. Review Azoon 9. My Review Plugin 10. …
BacklinkTOPIA Pro

BacklinkTOPIA Pro

… marketers… overnight. And with the way things are going – it’s only the start of a “seismic” level Shift in the online world… Even payment processors are cracking down on junk – how many Clickbank offers have you seen that are “sold out” (sure)… And you’ve heard the “horror” stories of entire YouTube channels (like ProBlogger) yanked for no apparent reason… and even payment processors like Plimus are banning anything to do with internet marketing… Frankly, using … Details