CodeCanyon X-Commander v1.0

CodeCanyon X-Commander v1.0 _MBHF_

XCommander - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

XCommander is a multi talent file manager. Perfect for quick editing, managing files and on-site development.


– Full keyboard support ala Midnight or Total-Commander
– Multi tab
– Code editor with auto-completion for CSS,PHP and Javascript
– Multi selection
– Advanced search
– Drag’n drop for copy, move and upload into any panel
– Standard actions : Edit, Move, Rename, Info, Delete,Compress and Download
– Sandbox modus for PHP and HTML files
– Code editor with CSS hot reload
– 2 image editors : Pixlr and Aviary
– View Word, Excel and Powerpoint files with Zoho
– Enhanced security

Soon: support for lots cloud services

Required – PHP 5.3
– Linux based server, no Windows support right now.
– Supported browsers : Chrome, Firefox and maybe Opera.

Controls : Keyboard
F2 : Rename
F4 : Edit file
F5 : Copy (If main window is open, the destination is set automatically)
F6 : Move
F7 : Create directory
F8 : Delete
F9 : Create file

CTRL/CMD + ENTER : Open selection in main window

BACKSPACE (Firefox) : Go back in history
SHIFT + BACKSPACE (Chrome) : Go back in history
DEL : Delete selection
CTRL+W (Firefox) : Close last window
SHIFT+W (Chrome) : Close last window
SHIFT+UP/DOWN : Multi-Selection
CTRL+A : Select all
CTRL+C : Copy selection to clipboard
CTRL+X : Cut selection to clipboard
CTRL+V : Paste selection
CTRL+S : Save current editor’s content
CTRL+F : Open search
Controls Editor
Ctrl-F / Cmd-F : Start searching
Ctrl-G / Cmd-G : Find next
Shift-Ctrl-G / Shift-Cmd-G : Find previous
Shift-Ctrl-F / Cmd-Option-F : Replace
Shift-Ctrl-R / Shift-Cmd-Option-F : Replace all
Controls : Mouse
Right-Click : Open context menu
CTRL : Enable copy mode for drag and drop
Uploading : Simply drag files from your file manager into the file panel

Video – Fast introduction :

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CPV Lab 2.16


CPV Lab 2.16 _MBHF_

Primary Features:
– CPC Bidding/Pricing Options
– Ad Performance Stats section
– Optimization and Alert Profiles
– Store Unique Token from Traffic Source as a separate token
and allow Passing Token to

Additional Pixels
– Allow {!subid!} placeholder in the offer URLs – will be
replaced with the actual subID
before redirecting to the offer page
o Allow {!subid!} placeholder in additional pixels
– Allow grouping after Day and Hour in Stats Page
– Exported CSV files keep the sort conditions of the
original table/grid that was exported

– Optimize columns size in database
– Improved queries from base pages for speed and volume
– Improved Redirects for fast load times on all base links.
– Improved error messages on campaign setup pages
– Improve sorting in Stats
– Improved additional server-to-server pixels – curl library
– Improved Clickbank Conversion Postback functions…define
the Clickbank secret code –

more security when calling the Clickbank pixel
– Changed the parameter for Failure Campaign ID instead of
‘c’ to avoid conflicting
parameters in offer pages/urls.

– Predefined tokens for Traffic Sources; option to use these
predefined tokens in the
campaign setup pages from simple dropdown menu options.
– Added Tooltips in Campaign Setup Pages for reference.
– Ajax Spinner images added to show when operations are
running/executed from within

the interface.
– Sort timezone options in dropdown on the Settings page
– jQuery effects in many application pages, for example when
showing/hiding sections or

removing items
– Hide inactive campaigns in dropdown selection menus
– Save sort conditions on the Campaigns page – when you
login again the sorting order
will be saved from the previous visit

– Priority 0 option (used for direct traffic) – always
removes the existing tracking cookie
– Allow SSL redirects when Redirect Loop method is used
– Option in the campaign setup pages to control if the
referrers will be captured
– Extra Tokens are not passed to Level 2+ LPs, only to Level
1 LP and Offer Pages (when
– Ability to remove referrers from the database
– Option to change/customize redirect page names

JSky 3.5.1 – Website Vulnerability Checker

JSky 3.5.1 – Website Vulnerability Checker

[Image: jsky-v3.5.1-main.jpg]


What can JSky do?
JSky is a Web Application Security Vulnerability scanner that can scan for the following Web Application Security Vulnerabilities:
* SQL Injection
* Cross-Site Scripting
* Insecure Indexing
* Local path disclosure
* Server Misconfiguration
* And all we application threats.
And JSky is not only a scanner, but also an assessment tool.Why should I use JSky?
Look at these features and benefits, we think you will love it right away:
1. Powerful web spider and multi-threaded scanner crawls hundreds of thousands of pages with ease, also supports extract links from JavaScript and flash.
2. Advanced and in-depth SQL injection testing from our Pangolin software, which precisely locates security vulnerabilities. Our software uses proprietary methods that go beyond pattern matching. This is what enables us to be so precise in locating security vulnerabilities.
3. JSky provides both an XML based vulnerability file, and an integrated security vulnerability executive parser. This makes it easy to design a vulnerability test. All you need to do is edit the XML file – no further compatibility coding required.
4. Easy to use. We have worked hard to create a product that does not require advanced internet security knowledge.

The value of JSky
JSky can inspect all aspects of your Web application, looking for vulnerabilities in your website.
Using advanced artificial hacking intelligence, JSky probes your site’s defenses to find the areas that require further attention. JSky lets you see what a hacker would see if he were attacking your site. This knowledge allow you to fix the vulnerability .

A few examples of people that will benefit from JSky include:
* Penetration tester
* Website administrator
* And so much more……
Security on web is of the utmost importance. Without Web application testing, credit card transactions can be easily compromised. Thus, processing with credit card,PCI DSS compliance is enforced. Consultant using JSky provide web security service to help you match PCI DSS.
System Requirements
* 1 GB of memory
* 2 GB of free disk space
* 1.5 GHz Processor or better
* Windows 2000/Windows XP/Windows 2003/Windows Vista/Windows7

Product Page: