Ultimate Tweaker for WordPress

… published Show empty categories – need this if you wanna group categories in empty category Categories include/exclude Tags include/exclude Content Protection Obfuscate Email Disable text selection Disable right-click Disable image dragging Disable PrintScreen button security Remove WordPress generator tag Custom “generator” META-tag Add nosniff header Add xss protection header Prevent embedding inside an iframe Expire Protected Page Cookie Disable file editing in admin area Remove …

CodeCanyon X-Commander v1.0

CodeCanyon X-Commander v1.0 _MBHF_

… and HTML files – Code editor with CSS hot reload – 2 image editors : Pixlr and Aviary – View Word, Excel and Powerpoint files with Zoho – Enhanced security Soon: support for lots cloud services Required – PHP 5.3 – Linux based server, no Windows support right now. – Supported browsers : Chrome, Firefox and maybe Opera. Controls : Keyboard F2 : Rename F4 : Edit file F5 : Copy (If main window is open, the destination is set automatically) F6 : Move F7 : … Details
CPV Lab 2.16


… functions…define the Clickbank secret code – more security when calling the Clickbank pixel – Changed the parameter for Failure Campaign ID instead of ‘c’ to avoid conflicting parameters in offer pages/urls. Interface: – Predefined tokens for Traffic Sources; option to use these predefined tokens in the campaign setup pages from simple dropdown menu options. – Added Tooltips in Campaign Setup Pages for reference. – Ajax Spinner images added to show … Details
JSky 3.5.1 – Website Vulnerability Checker

JSky 3.5.1 – Website Vulnerability Checker

Description: What can JSky do? JSky is a Web Application security Vulnerability scanner that can scan for the following Web Application security Vulnerabilities: * SQL Injection * Cross-Site Scripting * Insecure Indexing * Local path disclosure * Server Misconfiguration * And all we application threats. And JSky is not only a scanner, but also an assessment tool.Why should I use JSky? Look at these features and benefits, we think you will love it right away: 1. Powerful web spider and … Details
AdTrackzGold v5.1

AdTrackzGold v5.1 – Latest Version

… of security. Why Struggle When You Don’t Have To? Internet Marketing is tough. Especially for the new marketer. Day after day you get hit with pitches for ebooks and marketing products, all designed to teach you the latest greatest internet marketing tip or trick. So you read this report and listen to that teleconference call. You try a strategy or trick, maybe you get some good results, maybe you don’t. But even if you do make money, it’s not consistent or predictable. You … Details