super auto blogger

Super Auto Blogger v4 + BONUS

… captcha) so those pesky word examinations can easily be handled for you. Power Feature #5 – Automatic content scraping. Unlike others units out there that can easily only import PLR content, Super Auto Blogger can easily Scrape data from one of four content rich sites. Of course it can easily handle and spin PLR content as well because this software covers all the bases. Power Feature #6 – Hottest Keywords as Tags. As quickly as you run Super Auto Blogger it takes the requested …

Google Plus Bot

Google Plus Bot

Google Plus Bot The Best Google Plus Automation bot. Enhance followers, auto post, auto Plus one, auto follow, join communities, Scrape and more…. Search and Follow Users / Unfollow Try to find users, community members, community contributors, authors of posts returned by search and follow them automatically. Adhering to users is a fantastic method to grab supporters as many users will certainly follow you back. yet much better compared to this is obtaining users to follow you spine that …

Tumbling Jazz – The Ultimate Tumblr Bot

… 10 divide images in a photoshoot to a single tumblr blog post! Scrape Images from Pinterest Automatically on Repeat Scrape Images from Pinterest and save to a individual folder along along with tokenised meta data. Repeat the Scrape every X hours downloading only brand-new images. Works wonderful along with “watch folder image uploader” function Scrape Images from others Tumblr Blogs Automatically on Repeat Scrape ALL Images from others Tumblr Blogs and save to a individual folder …

Over 800k Verified Links List-Oct 2014 for GSA

Verified links lists are love gems worldwide of internet marketing and SEO. Virtually every one executing SEO of his very own or a client’s website needs them. Some have actually blazing quick VPS to Scrape thousands of urls, identify their platform, submit links to them and divide verified ones, while others love you and me wander listed here and there in order to locate quality links lists. We also in some cases pay to get lists in order to get hold of quality backlinks. Maintaining in see …
Wylde’s Happy Proxy Tool


The #1 proxy tool. Scrape that time inspect people proxies. Usage to google passed proxies to Scrape, Usage them when it come to providing to websites, or use them to shield your anonymity.   Scrape that time inspect thousands of people proxies along with Wylde’s Glad Proxy Tool. Scraping Scrape proxies from your very own urls or Usage the default ones provided. Proxy Checking Check thousand’s of proxies against Goggle, Yahoo that time Bing. Auto Scraping that time Checking …
RSS Authority Sniper

RSS Authority Sniper

… application along with merely a couple of keystrokes. Automatically Scrape lots of highly trusted authority domain feeds by type, including YouTube channels, Video channels, Pinterest boards, and Blogs from Google Blogs Search. Send Yahoo & Feed burner authority content feeds to a ping service that uses 104 random ping servers to notify search engines of your content – no footprint mass ping tool. RSS Authority Sniper likewise supports unlimited Yahoo Pipes & Feedburner Accounts, also …

XVideosJazz Bot XVideos Upload Bot latest cracked

XVideos Automation The Ultimate Adult Tube bot, automating the whole process of the XVideos marketing process Special Offer includes Bulk Video Watermarker for FREE! XVideos Upload BotThe Best XVideos marketing tool! Are you ready to utilize 4.4 BILLION page views a day? Create Accounts, upload videos, Scrape uploaded video URLs, vote up your videos Got any questions? Then…… XVideos Upload Bot XVideos gets an estimated 4.4 BILLION page views a day!!!! Harness this … Details
SpinnerChief III v8.2.6

SpinnerChief III v8.2.6

… picked directory to Brand-new human readable and unique articles along with only one click! Scrape+Spin+Submit = all of In One! You can easily Scrape articles, images and videos directly in SpinnerChief 3 based on the keywords that you input, then you can easily mix them to produce numerous Brand-new articles. SpinnerChief 3 can easily likewise spin html code, so if your articles have actually html, images and videos they will certainly be spun pretty well. After spinning articles, you can …
Tweet Attacks Pro III v6.0.1.8

Tweet Attacks Pro III v6.0.1.8

… Filter This function can Scrape your twitter accounts’ following and followers, and tell you who you followed but did not follow you back. After scraping ane account’s following and followers, it also can filter this data to find bad following in your account, so that you can unfollow the right people. Auto follow, follow back and unfollow TweetAttacksPro3 allows you to follow/unfollow people fully automatically. You can search people via keyword, import people from files and follow … Details