Google Plus Bot

Google Plus Bot

… your profile URL to the write-up and is one more method for users browsing google plus to stumble across your profile Full RSS Feed Sustain Auto write-up text, images, links, videos Easily specify content to syndicate to your Google Plus feed. Automatically write-up brand-new wordpress posts or links, twitter tweets, pinterest images, imgur images, youtube videos. Powerful scripting to job along with Any type of RSS feed. Assign tokenised meta data to use to each video. Repeat to upload every …


Tumbling Jazz – The Ultimate Tumblr Bot

… users and Traffic on Tumblr Using TumblingJazz it is a walk in the park to generate tonnes of traffic to your Tumblr blog and then onto your money sites. Because of the multi capacity, multi-threaded, raw socket implementation you can easily truly let the bot rip, doing just what it does best. All hands free. Set it up, timetable it, Repeat it. Site spine and watch the traffic FLOOD in. Be the Master of Puppets (pulling strings) Everything you can easily do on the Tumblr website has actually …

Ultimate Tweaker for WordPress

… Change button & links color Background image along with cover of Repeat modes Transparent style Hide “Back to blog” link Updates Disable WordPress Updates Hide update message in footer Hide “Updates” element menu Core update Auto Installation mode Disable Theme Updates Disable Plugins Updates Urls Change url of author to user Set special author link page SEO Add meta copyright Add Google Analytics code RSS & Feeds Turn off feeds Remove the standard feed links from …
Rave Reviews

Rave Reviews -Insane Income Potential Make $50+ everytime! w/just a few clicks

… paper airplanes! I started to chill out, clear my head… then i wrote down everything i liked about the online world, everything i had bought and everything i didnt like… Then it came to me…BOOM! And now i am here 16 months later to share with you, how i started and a way that makes me money! This is MY First Personal Blueprint, and in order to make some “fast” Cash, i just put it into action and make $50+ nearly every time! Rinse and Repeat! I will show you an …
The Clickbank Code

Michael Jones – The Clickbank Code

… tuition…it’s as simple as watch me, Repeat what I do, then watch the commissions flood your account How to choose products that will stuff your account with cash – I’m not talking about just picking the same old high gravity crap that everyone else jumps on…I’m going to show you my simple mathematical formula for picking the highest converting product every time. Where to get insane amounts of the most targeted traffic you could ever want…your visitors will be so profitable …

Quick Cash Bully

… at the same time. -A simple tweak that could have doubled or tripled my profits. You won’t be making the same mistake. Several well known marketers have launched their careers with this method… And going back through my records, it has actually made me the most amount of money…with the least amount of work…in the fastest amount of time. Introducing: Only $7 This makes a great “adverse earner”…or you can rinse and Repeat and build a nice income for …
FB Ads Cracked 2.0 RELOADED1 – $997

FB Ads Cracked 2.0 RELOADED – $997

… it. The write-up contained in this course is well worth the very first cost. If used correctly, you must have actually no trouble making a huge return on your investment. All you have actually to do is follow the methods that Don lays out for you in the course. As we mentioned above, you must have the ability to make your money spine after only a few campaigns. After that, all you have actually to do it rinse and Repeat your successful ad campaigns and watch your profits soar. If you still …
BacklinkTOPIA Pro

BacklinkTOPIA Pro

… future… Run multiple projects at the same time… if you have several websites, you can quickly configure Backlinktopia to work on them at the same time (rather than having to Repeat the process over and over for different sites)… Specify a single anchor text or multiples. .. simply plug in your keywords, and let Backlinktopia do all the hard, tedious work for you… you’ll start seeing results within just DAYS of using it! Unlike “spammer” software that internet marketers use, … Details

Article2Video- Turn Oold Useless Articles Into Fresh And Get Traffic!

… to be uploaded to all the video sharing sites.I can Repeat this process 10 times, which takes a few minutes more, and my traffic stats and rankings explode with really little effort from me!Best traffic tool I`ve ever seen, thanks Alp!Zelimir Graf MarketersLife **IMPORTANT** The video below has been created from an article in 20 seconds using Article2Video!   Before being converted to this video, it was a tiny boring article that was buried deep inside my computer … Details