super auto blogger

Super Auto Blogger v4 + BONUS

… well as from local PLR content. Built in Free spinner that can easily spin the title and/or body. Optional integration along with The most effective Spinner (simply permit and offer your Ideal Spinner account details). Full Decaptcha support using your choice of three services. Hot Keyword Tagging – locate The most effective tags for your posts by carrying out keyword research. No proxies necessary! We’ve totally eliminated the need for HMA or proxy scraping, both of which were slow …


Tumbling Jazz – The Ultimate Tumblr Bot

… Normal / Adult) Proxy Scraper Need proxies for account creation? Don’t wish to purchase a divide proxy scraper? Then look no further, included devoid of charge a web site proxy scraper function. The proxy scraper allows you to include additional websites allowing you to include others sites allowing you to harvest more free public proxies Proxy validator We all know public proxies come and go and sometimes do not even work, or worse yet, Job however pass on your IP! Tumbling Jazz …
Wylde’s Happy Proxy Tool


The #1 proxy tool. Scrape that time inspect people proxies. Usage to google passed proxies to scrape, Usage them when it come to providing to websites, or use them to shield your anonymity.   Scrape that time inspect thousands of people proxies along with Wylde’s Glad Proxy Tool. Scraping Scrape proxies from your very own urls or Usage the default ones provided. Proxy Checking Check thousand’s of proxies against Goggle, Yahoo that time Bing. Auto Scraping that time Checking …

XVideosJazz Bot XVideos Upload Bot latest cracked

… logs of all processes Import/Export features for profiles, proxies and videos. It is your data to take and do what you want with Redo / retry / pause / cancel any action And a whole lot more Upload multiple videos quickly and easily by uploading a directory. More… Create accounts to upload your videos to. More… Automatically scrape your video URLs and apply as many up votes as you want. More… … Details
Tweet Attacks Pro III v6.0.1.8

Tweet Attacks Pro III v6.0.1.8

… chance to be followed. Send Direct Message This function allows you to batch-send private messages to all your followers. You can select which accounts to send a message and using a spun message. You can also send a message to your new followers automatically.   Bind Proxy and Useragent This function lets you bind accounts with appointed proxies and useragent, so that later the program will use the same proxy and useragent with this account all the time. This will make your account … Details
Facebook Friend Adder V2 _MBHF_

Facebook Friend Adder V2 _MBHF_

… Facebook FriendAdder is an automation marketing tool for facebook marketers. Facebook FriendAdder can spare no effort to help you to grow your business and achieve success. With Facebook FriendAdder, you can + manage THOUSANDS of facebook accounts + manage proxies and auto assign them to facebook accounts + check account infromation+bypass login problems + send mass facebook friend requests to targeted people + confirm mass facebook friend requests from friends+ send mass facebook friend … Details
Pinterest Premium BoT

Pinterest Premium BoT MBHF Xclusive

proxies. And even more importantly, having many quality accounts. PinBot allows you to run unlimited instances on a machine, thus unlimited amount of accounts. You can use three accounts per proxy without getting banned by Pinterest. Scrape unique, quality images. Scrape unique and niche relevant images. This puts them into a queue which will then be used for upload. The scrape feature allows you to fully ColorCorrect and edit your images. You can place custom watermarks on your images, add … Details
BuzzBundle Crack

BuzzBundle Crack

… unique among social media management tools. It’s the software with the broadest coverage: Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn profiles, thousands of forums and blogs… No matter how many social profiles you have, they’re now so easy to take care of – and all managed by just one person! This sounded impossible, until BuzzBundle Crack social marketing software appeared. Features of BuzzBundle Crack Advanced management Schedule postings, messages and announcements Use proxies to hide … Details