Ultimate Tweaker for WordPress

… Replace “Howdy” text Add Custom menu Dashboard Hide widgets Hide “Welcome to WordPress!” widget Hide dashboard Set dashboard to 1 column layout Add custom widget along with title and text along with shortcode support Menu Add “Menus” to root level Hide all menus and sub-menus Media Rename files on upload – no original, names like ‘8d632bc0208111d6d8a435c210754eea.gif’ will certainly be used Set JPEG Quality Enable SVG files support Allow contributor upload files In …

Tube Tycoon

Revolutionary NEW Software Supercharges Your Videos and Ranks Them On Page 1

… Get Your Videos Appearing On Googles First Page Too Let’s Take a Look At VITAL Ranking Factors That Tube Tycoon Takes Care Of With Tube Tycoon You Can: Uncover Powerful Tags Uncover powerful, relevant video tags that will send your rankings soaring like an eagle.  Tube Tycoon will return targeted, broad and branded keyword tags, and EVEN tags based on the names of EXPERTS within the niche your target keyword is related to.  A tag strategy that I uncovered and that works like a …
CPV Lab 2.16


… – always removes the existing tracking cookie – Allow SSL redirects when Redirect Loop method is used – Option in the campaign setup pages to control if the referrers will be captured – Extra Tokens are not passed to Level 2+ LPs, only to Level 1 LP and Offer Pages (when selected) – Ability to remove referrers from the database – Option to change/customize redirect page names Details
Bookmarking Demon5

Bookmarking Demon

… to bookmark everyday! In my case, I required some type of automation actual quick and I bought most of the Social Bookmarking tools out there. You know what? There are 6 big troubles along with using social bookmarking software: 6 Big troubles along with These Tools Most Are Spam Tools Most of the social bookmarking tools are made to spam the bookmarking sites. These tools will certainly auto-develop random account login names and passwords. Their main function is to develop multiple accounts …
Account Creator Extreme

Account Creator Extreme

… And Several More (Except Captcha) Bot Maker (create your own bots and automate webpages) Smart Autofill (submit even on unsupported sites) Manual Submitter (submit to custom email sites with the autofill menu “right click”) Generates Full Profile With One Click 5 Built In Disposable Email Services (One Click) Real names and Usernames (Editable) Proxy Support Advanced Profile System Advanced Settings Customizable Theme Handy Rightclick Autofill Menu Over 200,000 Built In names FAQ- Q: … Details