Google Plus Bot

Google Plus Bot

… your profile URL to the write-up and is one more method for users browsing google plus to stumble across your profile Full RSS Feed Sustain Auto write-up text, images, links, videos Easily specify content to syndicate to your Google Plus Feed. Automatically write-up brand-new wordpress posts or links, twitter tweets, pinterest images, imgur images, youtube videos. Powerful scripting to job along with Any type of RSS Feed. Assign tokenised meta data to use to each video. Repeat to upload every …


Tumbling Jazz – The Ultimate Tumblr Bot

… numerous articles to upload. timetable the articles to keep fresh content being posted to your blog. Specify a pause after posting each information to drip Feed articles to your blog over a period of time. Auto guide information content from RSS Feed Specify a RSS Feed and have actually the components posted to your Tumblr blog AUTOMATICALLY. Check the Feed every X hours to make certain all brand-new RSS content is posted to your Tumblr Blog!. Auto guide Images Add a folder containing multiple …

Ultimate Tweaker for WordPress

… Change button & links color Background image along with cover of repeat modes Transparent style Hide “Back to blog” link Updates Disable WordPress Updates Hide update message in footer Hide “Updates” element menu Core update Auto Installation mode Disable Theme Updates Disable Plugins Updates Urls Change url of author to user Set special author link page SEO Add meta copyright Add Google Analytics code RSS & Feeds Turn off Feeds Remove the standard Feed links from …
RSS Authority Sniper

RSS Authority Sniper

Main features of RSS Authority Sniper RSS Authority Sniper is loaded along with features to assistance you enhance your rankings and get hold of much more traffic. Here’s just what you get: An amazingly flexible Adobe Air application that functions on the 2 Mac and PC. A unique Research Tool & Keyword Feed Scraper that finds highly targeted authority site Feeds along with higher Page Rank and influence along with Google to piggyback your content on. A Feed Aggregator Tool that …

GET WP-Tube-Plugin

… from admin panel. Just put number of videos you want to import and click on save button. Enable/Disable Feeds – You can enable/disable any Feed from admin panel.wp-tube-plugin only fetches video from enabled Feeds. Display Your Ad Over Video Player – You can display YOUR AD over embed videos. Please check screenshot. You can check it online. Sitename On Video Player – You can display your WEBSITENAME or any TEXT over embed video player on your site. This is not watermark or any …

SocialKit – Social Networking Platform v 1.2.3

… activities and more. Page Timeline: Displays page’s public information along with Stories, Photos, Events posted by Page and more. Group Timeline: Displays group’s information along with Stories, Photos, Events posted by the members of Group. Cover: Dynamic & Draggable Cover for users, pages and groups timeline. Home/News Feed: Displays Stories, Events, Photos posted by friends/followed people, pages and groups. Also story filters and follow/friends suggestions. Notifications: Receive …
Digital Access Pass  Nulled

Digital Access Pass Nulled

More Than A Membership Plugin   What is DAP? DigitalAccessPass (DAP) is a premium Membership Plugin for WordPress (and plain HTML/PHP web sites) used by 23,000+ users on 38,000+ web sites. It’s a finish end-to-end, Content-Delivery Platform for creating a membership site – or even just a simple, password-protected, secure and private area on your web site – and securely delivering different types of content to your visitors, list subscribers, free and paid members and one-time …
TweetPressr PRO _MBHF_

TweetPressr PRO

      Set Up Fully Automated Twitter Accounts And Dominate Absolutely Any Niche For True Passive Income From the Desk of Wealth Junction – Mark Lyford, Leah Butler-Smith and Dan Green: Dear Hard Working Marketer, Here at Wealth Junction, we’ve 20 plus years marketing experience between us and it’s our business to keep our finger on the pulse of the hottest marketing trends, and share that knowledge with you. As you’re only too aware, the marketplace has changed big … Details
Blog Post Automator

Blog Post Automator

… I’m so excited to announce the release of… Blog Post Automator – The Ultimate Blog Automator! Click On Video To Find Out How To Use Blog Post Automator Remove Yourself From The Blog Maintenance Equation! Plug In & Use Simplicity When It Comes To Auto Feed Implementation On Your Word Press Blog! Eliminate 99.7% Of The Work You Do Posting Content On Your Blog! Automate Your Blog Posting For Years In Just A Few Clicks! Upload Text Files, Click A Few … Details
Backlink Index Expressbie 9

Backlink Index Expressbie 9

Backlink Index Express (BIE) is a php script created by Carl Ringwall that you install on your own webserver. I’m using version 5, which works a little differently from previous versions. At a high-level, Backlink Index Express allows you to Feed in a list of unindexed links and it will automatically backlink these links on a variety of web 2.0 sites to get them indexed. It does require a little bit of setup effort, but once you get it going, it works quite well at getting your backlinks …