Tumbling Jazz – The Ultimate Tumblr Bot

… Account usernames, blog title, blog description and Theme HTML all FULLY customizable. develop accounts using Imported Email accounts, a single Gmail account spinning the username to develop multiple accounts, a catchall email address (you will certainly have to have actually a domain name and a host that allows you set a Default email address and redirect all non-account emails to this address). Update Accounts Easily and quickly update your blog URL / title / description and Blog type (NSFW / …


Ultimate Tweaker for WordPress

… deleted in all pages Email Change from email address and name – will be used for all sended emails Theme Smooth scroll in Chrome Enable fast click on Touch-devices Load jQuery from CDN jQuery CDN (provided by MaxCDN) Google CDN Remove version parameter from css/js files <HEAD> Cleanup Remove wlwmanifest – used in Windows Live Writer client Remove the prev and next short article link Remove shortlink for the page Remove canonical link for the page Favicon & Logos Set …