Ultimate Tweaker for WordPress

… published Show empty categories – need this if you wanna group categories in empty category Categories include/exclude Tags include/exclude Content Protection Obfuscate Email Disable text selection Disable right-click Disable image dragging Disable PrintScreen button Security Remove WordPress generator tag Custom “generator” META-tag Add nosniff header Add xss protection header Prevent embedding inside an iframe Expire Protected Page Cookie Disable file editing in admin area Remove …


Botstagram Full Version

… Don’t expect thousand followers only running the bot for few minutes. Don’t try to get one million followers in a day running lot of instances whole day. Instagram may detect that you are using a bot. In case task getting slow or not working correctly after running the bot for long time; close the bot and try back in few hours. Normal speed is recommended for all tasks. For the best performance. Use multiple instances. Disable image and animations via Browser menu for better performance and …