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Are You Tired Of Uploading Videos To Youtube and Seeing Them Tank Instead Of RANK? “Revolutionary NEW Software Supercharges Your Videos and Ranks Them On Page 1” Massively Increase The Exposure To Your Videos Using Cutting Edge “SEO” Technology Introducing I spent months running isolated tests to see what had a REAL impact on ranking…

Magic Traffic Bot _MBHF_

Magic Traffic Bot _MBHF_

Ready to EXPLODE your Web Site Traffic?

Secret of
How To Generate A Massive Flood Of
Targeted Traffic
And Cash-In-Hand Visitors
To ANY Website Each And Every Month
Completely On Autopilot And…
… 100% FREE!”

Breakthrough: The Secret To Generating 
MILLIONS of *FREE* Visitors To Your Site!

“AutoSearch & Ping” their websites, then watch!.



Since adwords destroyed all chances of a fair listing on search engines, more and more people are paying for traffic. It’s too expensive, but google make their $Billions all the same.

Nobody likes to lose money right?

That’s why now, webmasters constantly check their webstats. They want to see who is referring visitors to their website. They are curious as to who is linking to them and always click the referrer links in their stats pages.  They are an untapped market.

 Well guess what?

Just released is a new Desktop Program that trawls the internet and creates a CLICKABLE Referrer Link in a site’s webstats.

MagicTrafficBot is able to Customise the referrer link to appear to come from any website or any webpage you choose.  Just imagine all the intrigued webmasters all clicking on your website.

Referrer hits below were generated in under 5 seconds using MagicTrafficBot™

Your URL magically appears in their webstats. Most important.  It's a CLICKABLE LINK

  • AutoSearch & Ping as many sites as you like, perfectly legally ……… ping a site once, 100 times, 1000 times, it’s up to you.
  • Trigger a Massive Chain Reaction that will Explode Your Traffic and send your page counter spinning.
  • Generate a constant flood of TARGETED visitorseach and every week … and do it 100% completely FREE from your own computer !

Imagine…Wall-to-wall Traffic Jams Of Red Hot,
Targeted Hungry Visitors Scorching Your Traffic Counter – And Did We
Mention That ALLThis Traffic Is 100% FREE?

Our “Pre-Launch Test” AMAZED even us!

You will love this story

1. We created a “testpage” and called it “BEWARE-THIS-SITE.html”

2. Then we sent the MagicTrafficBot™ to do it’s stuff, Searching & Pinging thousands of targeted websites per hour.

Within days we had curious webmasters flooding in, thinking there is a webpage talking badly about their site and service.

The Best part.

Look at the screenshot of the Referrer page they got to see.


With such a powerful referrer page, the webmasters knew immediately just how effective this software really is.

Before long, the same webmasters began emailing us begging to buy this software.

Remember, this was BEFORE it was even launched.

Here are just some of the reviews we have received in the last few days.


Imagine it yourself…

This groundbreaking & powerful program flooding traffic to your websites…….you can even promote it as an affiliate on a cool 50% commission.

One thing you can be sure of….This will be the best marketing program released this year.


Compatible with:  win 95 / win 98 / win 2000 / win XP

ONLY!  $29.99 USD

YESwe know we could sell this for 10 TIMES our offer price!!!

Get it while it’s still available. Your competitors will.

Compatible with:  win 95 / win 98 / win 2000 / win XP

Download Now

ONLY!  $29.99 USD

This is a brand new product. We are not sure how long we can keep selling it before being forced to pull it from the marketplace.

Increase Web Site Traffic, Instant TrafficComing SoonIncrease Web Site Traffic, Instant Traffic

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BuzzBundle Crack

BuzzBundle Crack

BuzzBundle Crack

BuzzBundle Crack

We have the only fully working BuzzBundle Crack on the internet

(Professional License)

Generate more social buzz one person could ever produce

More personas

Create personas with dozens of social accounts each. If you need to manage social for several “personas”, like official company rep for PR, your CEO, customer care, yourself and your grandma, you’ll easily handle them all.

More networks

Employ a huge variety of social sites in your online strategy. Use every chance to support your brand. Manage all social profiles in one convenient workspace.

More profiles

Create and develop new social profiles or add existing ones. Grow authority for your profiles and easily influence your brand awareness and reputation. Enjoy powerful yet comfortable social media management.

More buzz

Get more buzz one could ever create. Generate positive buzz to push down any negative comments. Create strong online presence and maximize outreach.


BuzzBundle Crack is unique among social media management tools.

It’s the software with the broadest coverage: Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn profiles, thousands of forums and blogs… No matter how many social profiles you have, they’re now so easy to take care of –
and all managed by just one person!

This sounded impossible, until BuzzBundle Crack social marketing software appeared.

Features of BuzzBundle Crack

Advanced management

  • Schedule postings, messages and announcements
  • Use proxies to hide actual location
  • Add important discussions to favorites
  • Find links to up to 10 URLs per project

Hundreds of social accounts

  • Create personas for all people/firms you have to represent
  • Unlimited social accounts for each persona
  • Easy switching between accounts
  • Add all your existing social profiles
  • Create new social profiles right from the software

Easy posting and messaging

  • Comment, retweet, reply, send private messages
  • Choose persona who’s sending message/posting etc.
  • Send announcements to selected social sites
  • Join important conversations right from your stream

Reputation + social SEO in one tool

  • See who’s talking about your brand or keywords
  • Find all your links in social media, forums, blogs etc.
  • Find reviews and recommendations
  • Keep track of discussions about your competitors
  • Join the talks to get positive attitude for your brand

Sales Page


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Backlink Energizer 1.6

Backlink Energizer 1.6

You Need To Be On Top Of
Google’s Page One
To Earn The Serious Bank
FACT IS : You’ll Need Backlinks To Rank
Sadly … Most Marketers Are Building
Backlinks Google Will Never Index or Count

Here’s The Secret That Will
Propel You To The Top
ALARMING New Case Study Reveals
The Ugly Truth About Your Backlinks

Backlink Index Syndication System Case Study: We took a total of 300 new backlinks that were built on near identical websites – using identical methods all within 48 hours of eachother.

We then created TWO (2) Control Groups Energized and NOT Energized. Each Group contains 75 Spun Articles and, 75 Profiles from the same Web 2.0 community. 150 backlinks total in each.

We Knew The Energizer Was Good. But These Results Even Shocked Us!

Links left to be found – naturally – by Google had a dismal index rate. These NOT Energized Links even began falling out of the index at an alarming 73%!

These 150 Links Were NOT Energized – Ugly

Live Examples From The Case Study:

This Is Control Group “A” – With Non-Energized Links...

Only 20% Of Non-Energized Links Were Indexed After 7 Days – What A Waste!
Now Control Group B With Energized Links…

88.6% Of The Energized Links Are Indexed And Running Strong After 7
Days! Without Energizing, Over 80% Of Your Link Building Efforts Are Going
To Waste!Can You Afford To Lose 80% Of Your Valuable Links?
The Story Doesn’t Need To Get Ugly For You …
Your Links Can Get Energized By Our
Shockingly Effective, Battle Tested
Real World Proven – SEO B.L.I.S.S.

Back Link Index Syndication System

Here’s How It Works…

Most links you build are worthless…

And spending hours tediously building links, or spending hundreds of dollars or more outsourcing the work, just to find out a few weeks (or even days) later that your links have been de-indexed from Google and other top search engines…

It’s enough to make you sick.

This plug-in automatically “energizes” every single link you build… And once they’re “energized”, they have roughly a 90% chance to get – and more importantly stay – permenantly indexed by the search engines…I Needed To Find A Way To STOP Wasting My Linking Efforts…

Like many other marketers, I have far too often felt anger and frustration that our Search Engine rankings, and thus our income – could be tied to the whims of some creepy crawling robotic ghost in the Google machine.

The constant rank checking, the scores of late nights logged into Google’s Webmaster Tools … staring at the screens, wondering WHERE were all those juicy backlinks we all work so hard for.Why wasn’t Google finding ALL of those links?

Why weren’t the links showing up faster? Why can’t we get past our competitors sooner? Why does it take weeks instead of days for Google to recognize all the hard work and efforts we put into backlinking our sites?

It was enough to make a crazy marketer almost sane!

I Needed A Better Solution So I
Teamed Up and Set Out On A Mission

I knew there had to be a better way to get maximum value out of all those backlinks and get better SERP results faster….

I tried a whole myriad of expert methods and software tools professing to be THE Solution. I “juiced” those links, I “boosted” em, I even put them on the Express … Result?Those links were on a runaway train to Never Get Indexed!

Worse yet, I had invested hours of time creating these special sites that were supposed to bring that Google Bot a crawlin’. Those half baked plans only resulted in more Web 2.0 sites in the morgue … Death By Moderator.

It was just another trainwreck and Google bot was the engineer. But, all was NOT lost. I’d learned what not to do, and more so, what it takes to get Google to consistantly add my backlinks to it’s index.I finally found a solution…

What Happens When You Mix A
PHP Coding SEO Mad Scientist With
A Marketer Hellbent On A Mission…

THE WordPress SEO Plugin Of The Year!

You get a Google Index A$$ Kicking piece of automation that’s THE fastest, THE easiest to use and, THE most effective tool available to get your backlinks indexed and into Google’s cache…

Pure and Simple – There’s No IF’s – AND’s or BUT’s about it … If you can install a WordPress blog and a plugin – then you’ll be Energizing your backlinks in no time flat!The faster you get your links indexed – the faster Google pays attention- the faster your rankings improve!It’s truly the perfect marriage of SEO and automation technology…

We took the universal simplicity of the WordPress blogging platform and it’s “So EZ Grandma Can Use It” Plugin features – and turned it into a high powered, autopilot, Google Bot attracting, backlink syndication machine! It truly is pure SEO B.L.I.S.S.

No More Messin’ with that PHP server stuff! We buried all the complex technology deep in the guts of WordPress so you never have to bother with it! Copy and Paste simplicity … you simply tell Energizer how to login to your Web 2.0 sites and other blogs – and it just works!

No more post stealing gatekeepers like or Posterous. You … are in total control, and we show you how our Smart Post technology will keep you in Total Control.

Don’t Abandon Those Backlinks

Plug Them Into the ENERGIZER!

To Energize your links, you simply follow these simple steps…

1. Upload the plug-in (About 2 minutes).

2. Import your web 2.0 accounts (About 10-15 minutes).

3. Import a list of links you want to energize (about 2 minutes).

4. Let the plug-in do the work automatically while you reap the benefits of higher rankings and more traffic!It really is that simple!

It works because it syndicates your links to other websites and web 2.0 properties and makes sure they’re noticed by the search engines…

While thousands of links drop off of Google on a daily basis, you can be sure your links will stay indexed and powerful for years to come…

Powerful SEO – Easy To Use,
Familiar WordPress Plugin Interface

It Energizes your backlinks, like your own personal SEO Robot … by automatically taking massive action every hour of every day – even while you’re sleeping…

Creating content filled with backlinks to your backlinks – drawing Google bot to your SERP boosting backlink pages like an irresistible magnet.

Energizer dramatically increases both the speed, and the amount of your backlinks Google indexes by as much as 400%.We have personally tested and PROVEN this, and reveal all in the free report that comes with the plug-in.

We’re not talking spammy content or post after post of those shortened urls that No Web Master or Site Moderator wants inundating their sites …It’s the right content… FREE high quality content that webmasters LOVE to have on their sites… Not some spun junk that’s going to get deleted the second a moderator sees it…And it attracts the Google bot like CRAZY!

The faster Google finds and credits your backlinks, the faster your pages can blow past your competitors in the Search Engines, the Faster Your Money Sites start earning!

Pretty bold proclamation there I know….

The thing is, we’ve built out over 250 Web 2.0 sites on the most popular platforms that most of the other guys had to quit using. They kept getting shut down….Our content and our backlinks stick.We spent thousands of dollars and countless hours testing and tweaking to make sure we get this right – And we have…

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Premium SEO Pack WordPress Plugin

Premium SEO Pack WordPress Plugin

Most WordPress features work pretty well out of the box, and that is probably why it is the most popular content management system on the planet.

However, site owners usually need to work with WordPress to optimize their site for speed and search engine optimization.

The Premium SEO Pack for WordPress is the ultimate tool for optimizing your website for today’s search engines. Premium SEO Pack contains all the features that you would expect to find in dozens of different WordPress plugins, plus it includes unique features that you just cannot find anywhere else.



Apex SEO is keyword tool which allows you to pull LSI (latent semantic indexing) keywords from sites ranking for specific keywords. With Apex SEO in your toolbox, you will be set and ready to discover the best keywords, that will put your site on top. It also allows you to run competition analysis on those keywords to determine exactly how difficult it would be to rank for them. this marks the first time someone has combined these two tools and I’m telling you it’s going to be awesome. This is keyword research tool that will boost yours ranking, increase your traffic and you will make more money. Apex SEO also has many other features that lets you buil a silo effect for internal linking. Apex SEO is Revolutionary WordPress Keyword Research Plugin. Apex SEO optimises smart keywords and much much more.
Apex SEO review

APEX SEO review

Apex SEO review

Apex SEO will help you to find hundreds of LSI keywords and research the competition to see if those keywords will be profitable or not. This plugin allows you to run competition analysis on those keywords to determine exactly how difficult it would be to rank for them. This is literally everything you need to properly complete your keyword research. Not only will this streamline your keyword research process, it is all run from your own server. This means no more slowing down your Internet connection or your personal computer trying to run a research campaign. Apex SEO

Apex SEO features

  • Steal Keywords Directly From High Ranking Sites. Research and rank for keywords your competitors don’t want you to know about!
  • In Depth Ranking Analysis. Quickly and Accurately Gauge Your Keyword Competition to Find the Most Rank-able Keywords.
  • Trending Related Keywords in Real Time. Get up to date trending keywords you never even thought to target!
  • Apex SEO will help you to find hundreds of LSI keywords and research the competition to see if those keywords will be profitable or not.
  • Easy-to-use, Simply install and you’re ready to go.
  • This plugin allows you to run competition analysis on those keywords to determine exactly how difficult it would be to rank for them.
  • Local keywords in seconds. Hundreds of offline keywords with new tool. Dominate local listings with the right keywords.

The advantages using Apex SEO:

  • Start ranking for targeted keyword that will put you at the top of google and as a result, put a huge boost in your traffic!
  • Get an inside look at the highly targeted LSI keywords being used by the top ranking sites- this exclusive insight will help launch you to the top and overtake the competition!
  • No more throwing money and time away on garbage keywords. Receive accurate, in depth competition scans that will provide you all the metrics you need to effectively assess the quality of a keyword.
  • Easy-to-use with no learning curves! Simply install and you’re ready to go. Apex SEO is run on your own server so you have the freedom to run your research anywhere!

Apex SEO download

Apex SEO review

Apex SEO easy to use with no learning curves. Simply install and you’re ready to go. With this plugin you will easy to rank keywords directly from your competitions website in under 10 seconds.Giving you an incredibly powerful suite of tools that you can install on any WordPress site you own.You can do all this with just a few simple clicks of your mouse. Apex SEO is about time we have a tool like this we can build right into our website. Not only can we research the keyword, Apex SEO can also run a competition analysis with only a few clicks more. Apex SEO is literally everything you need to properly complete your keyword research.
Apex SEO review

Apex SEO

Apex SEO Guarantee

30 Day 100% No Questions Asked Guarantee
Your purchase of Apex SEO is 100% risk free. We have a 30 day, no questions asked refund policy. We want you to have the peace of mind that if the plugin isn’t right for you, you can get a refund anytime within 30 days of your purchase.

Apex SEO review

Apex SEO is run on your own server so you have the freedom to run your research anywhere. if you want to increase your page rank and enjoy hundreds even thousands more visitor and you want to discover the best keywords and Make More Money. Apex SEO is the best choice for you to make incomes for your life. Get Apex SEO Now. It’s your turn, make the decision and get success through online business.
Your Decision, Your Success. Get it right now !
Thanks for reading my Apex SEO Review. Cheerss!


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Alexa Booster 3.4 + Key

alexa rank booster

The Super Alexa Booster software sends generated hits to your site,

which in return will dramatically improve your Alexa and search engine rankings.

When you need something from the Internet. Where do you go? More than 90% of people head to a search engine.

So why do your competitors outrank you? Three reasons. Traffic, Timed Submissions, & Link Popularity.

Super Alexa Boosteris here to help you with one of the biggest asset and that’s traffic!

The Super Alexa Booster software will boost your Alexa rankings but it will also help increase your Google listings as well!

When Google indexes your site, it will see in your log that you are receiving loads of hits thus giving your site more listing results simply because the Googlebot thinks your site must be relevant so it increase your results! To sum it up the Super Alexa Booster will help increase your online business!

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Ping Automatic

Ping Automatic

Ping Automatic 2.0 – Mass Auto-Pinger Tool Gets 379% More Link-Juice – Powerful Auto Ping Tool – Auto-Pinger WordPress Plugin
[Image: titledv.gif]
The 100% Automated Server-Based Ping Software
You see… only a few short years ago, I was where you likely are now. I
was setting up sites – working long hours and researching every
possible approach I could use to outrank my competitors on Google. At
the same time I was slaving away building thousands of backlinks, but to
no avail.Yes, I did everything right and according to my calculations, the
majority of my sites should have been dominating their keywords, but
they weren’t. I realized that despite having quality content on my sites
and building a ton of powerful backlinks to them, Google did not give
me credit for all the backlinks I had built.

I don’t know about you, but this drove me crazy. I needed to find a way
to get the search engines to recognize ALL of my backlinks. Backlink
building is hard work and can get expensive if you outsource the tasks,
so the less backlinks I could get away with, the better.

I realized that my solution would be a tool that could help me leverage the hard work I was already doing (and had been doing).

After many hours of research and a ton of exhaustive testing, I
concluded that I needed to create a tool myself because none of the
software available online did exactly what I needed it to do AND worse
yet, none of them were within a price-range I was comfortable with. This
is when I finally had Ping Automatic created.

The software worked like a dream the first time I tried it on my sites. In fact it worked so well that I almost felt like I had an unfair advantage over my competition. But then, why shouldn’t I? And why shouldn’t you?

As good as Ping Automatic was, my programmer and I continued tweaking
it. We made the script run even smoother and made it a ton more user
friendly. We also continued to add bells and whistles to it and before
long, we ran out of things to tweak. It became the PERFECT automated server based mass ping software.

Ping Automatic 2.0 is born…

The first time I put this sales page up, I sold a few hundred copies of PingAutomatic
in a matter of days. People were going crazy over it – right left and
center. They loved the software and to this day brag about the original
version that I released back then and that was for a reason: the
software worked like a charm.

Testimonials started coming in, and I started panicking: I had not
expected to sell that many copies. I did not want it to become popular
among Search Engine Optimization Specialists but it was too late.

I ended up taking the “buy now” button down for a while. I figured the
software needed more testing still but testimonials and case-studies
kept coming in so I quickly concluded that it was indeed a SOLID piece
of software. Everyone was seeing similar results as I had seen. What
more was I looking for?

It was then that I decided to come out with the PingAutomatic WP plugin. It does the exact same thing as the original stand-alone Ping Automatic software, except it comes in the format of a WordPress plugin.

You install it just like you install any other WordPress plugin and once
installed, you can set up your campaigns – just like you used to be
able to in the original version.

[Image: 1309438342groupsmall.jpg]
Q: Can I administer multiple websites through one install?
A: You betcha. You can administer as many sites as you want with one
single install. All you would do is create a new campaign. Very easy
and extremely straight forward!

Q: Is it hard to install?
A: It should take a newbie no more than 5 minutes to install. If you do
have difficulties though, we have fulltime support ready to assist you
(contact info is in the installation guides)

Q: Is this program Google safe?
A: Absolutely. We would never ever want our own sites to appear spammy,
so every aspect of this script has been designed in such a way that it
will never ever spam any search engines. More details inside the attached guides.

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