Google Plus Bot

Google Plus Bot

… are thinking about the very same niche as yourself, so the Google Plus bot from rootjazz allows you to discover users to follow by searching keywords / hashtags and lots of scrape functionality Search and write-up comments Try to find posts and include comments automatically. Posting messages to a write-up is a fantastic method to engage the user and to grab them to examine your profile / pages Search and write-up Profile comments Try to find users and write-up comments to their profile …


Ultimate Tweaker for WordPress

… Really Simple Discovery tag – used by different desktop and online blog clients Disable Pingbacks reCaptcha 2 Protect Login page Protect Registration page Protect commenting form Dark and light themes comments Strip all tags Remove all urls Disable “make_clickable” function Disable “wptexturize” function Check comment minimal length Enable comments auto-closing Show close comments notify text Open external comment links in brand-new window – adds target=”_blank” Remove form …

GET WP-Tube-Plugin

… Can comments On Any Video. Visitor Can Rate Any Videos. Easy to mange plugin settings. Easy to manage theme settings. There are Ten(10) advertisement space in Theme. You can earn more from adscence. Easy to control on number of videos on homepage. Enable/Disable source feeds. Life Time 24x7x365 Free Support. Life Time FREE Bug-Fix, Email, Chat Support. Life Time Future Version Free Download (Plugin & Theme). No Domain Limits. You Can Install It On UNLIMITED DOMAINS. Free Personal Support …
Authority Site Builder Pro

Authority Site Builder Pro

… how to set up Google+ If you want to know about that Google have actually a great “how to guide” available to download for free! Its a Fact: Old out dated methods to rank keywords just don’t work. Spinning content no matter how good you might believe it is Merely doesn’t cut it anymore Buying crappy back link packets of faceless profiles or blog comments will certainly do you far more harm than good (even if the sales page claims they are estate page PR 5! Merely don’t do it) Buying $5 …

SocialKit – Social Networking Platform v 1.2.3

Live PreviewScreenshots Share Facebook Google Plus Twitter Pinterest SocialKit is a Social Networking Platform that consists of various features including Live Chat, Pages, Groups, Messages, Stories, comments, Likes, Shares, Notifications, #Hashtags, @Mentions, etc. It allows users to socialize with each other, share with their favorite community, connect with their favorite brands, artists, celebrities, and much more. Quick Video Guide: Quick Video Guide User Demo: User Demo Admin Demo: Admin …
Tweet Attacks Pro III v6.0.1.8

Tweet Attacks Pro III v6.0.1.8

… message functions. Then all tasks will use the black list when working. Manage all messages, contents, tweets, comments etc… in one place. Message Manager is the place you add/edit/manage your frequently-used message, tweets, comments etc…You can manage them by category and import/use them in your task(s). Tweet Attacks Pro 3 Elite Cracked Account Manager  Manage thousands of accounts and categories easily. Account Filter  Displays a list of following and followers … Details

Comment Scrape Boss

      This is what I call the Auto Approve Lists Killer! Yep, you heard it right folks, you’ll never need any auto approve lists from now on to get your comment approved . ever! You don’t even have to spend hours trying to scrape your own Auto Approve Lists or pay huge chunks of money to buy these lists. For a minute, just imagine that a bot is finding niche relevant comments which you can just copy to Scrapebox and comment away .. and get more than 50% of your comments Details
BuzzBundle Crack

BuzzBundle Crack

… chance to support your brand. Manage all social profiles in one convenient workspace. More profiles Create and develop new social profiles or add existing ones. Grow authority for your profiles and easily influence your brand awareness and reputation. Enjoy powerful yet comfortable social media management. More buzz Get more buzz one could ever create. Generate positive buzz to push down any negative comments. Create strong online presence and maximize outreach.   BuzzBundle Crack is … Details
No Hands SEO Crack _MBHF_

No Hands SEO Crack

… required yet highly customisable Post to Article sites, Blog comments, Image Galleries, Forums, Trackbacks, Guestbooks, Link Shortener and Redirect websites and much more Allows for easy tiered backlinking Support proxies and multiple threads (very fast) Is It Complicated To Use? No not at all. Every controls has pop-up text that explains what it is and how it can be used. There is a free support forum full of guides and tutorials which allows users to get advice from each other and No Hands SEO … Details