Captcha Sniper X4.5 Cracked

Captcha Sniper X4.5 Cracked – Solves Captchas Fast and Free 2014




Captcha Sniper X4.5 Crack

Captcha Sniper X4 Crack Will Slash Your Captcha Solving Costs

Stop waisting your time and hard-earned money on captcha solving services that are slow, inaccurate and costly. Captcha Sniper x4 Crack solves captchas faster and without having to pay per captcha.

Solve all your Captchas FREE now…

Captcha Sniper x4 Crack intercepts calls made to the popular captcha solving service decaptcha via HTTP post (API implementation and other services is coming soon). Captcha Sniper Crack solves the captcha and returns the answer to the calling software and also includes a command line interface. Captcha Sniper Crack currently supports the following platforms and their associated captchas:
Platform/Footprint Captcha Image Success Rate
WordPress Blogs Wordpress Captcha 76%
Typepad/Movable Type Blogs TypePad Movable Type Captcha 41%
Lifetime Blogs Lifetime Blog Captcha 100%
BlogEngine Blogs BlogEngine Captcha 71%
BlogEngine Captcha 74%
BlogEngine Captcha 76%
B2Evolution Blogs B2Evolution Captcha 48%
ArticleMS Article Directories B2Evolution Captcha 64%
Pligg Bookmarking Pligg Captcha 73%
Pligg Captcha 90%
PHPLD Directories PHPLD Captcha 98%
PHPLD Captcha 25/50%
Mercury Board Forums Mercury Board Captcha 66%
phpBB2 Forums phpBB2 Captcha 61%
PunBB Forums PunBB Captcha 90%
PunBB Captcha 85%
PunBB Captcha 55%
PunBB Captcha 99%
SMF Forums SMF Captcha 64%
Yabb Forums Yabb Captcha 97%
AkoBook Guestbook AkoBook Captcha 83%
BellaBook Guestbook BellaBook Captcha 100%
Guestbook Script GuestBook Script Captcha 50%
Perl Guestbook Perl Guestbook Captcha 100%
Phoca Guestbook Phoca Guestbook Captcha 77%
Phoca Guestbook Captcha 75%
PhpBook Guestbook PhpBook Captcha 100%
Ricar Guestbook Ricar Guestbook Captcha 100%
Silentrum Guestbook Silentrum Guestbook Captcha 77%
Generic Guestbook #1 Guestbook Captcha 77%
Pixel Post Image Gallery Pixel Post Image Gallery Captcha 98%
Article PLR Script Article PLR Script Captcha 89%
FreeGlobes Directories FreeGlobes Captcha 94%
WordPress Article Directories Wordpress Article Directory Captcha 74%
IndexU Directories IndexU Captcha 95%
Captcha Sniper Platinum Crack has been tested or reported to work succesfully with following applications (the list is growing daily):

Captcha Sniper Crack

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Captcher Sniper does not solve recaptcher, This is not a crack fault. The software simply cant decode it.

If you have used a Captcha Sniper X3 or X4.X Crack before, uninstall using first to avoid any possible issues with conflicting files


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GSA Captcha Breaker 2.40

GSA Captcha Breaker 2.40

GSA Captcha Breaker 2.40

GSA Captcha Breaker is the revolutionary breakthrough software that effortlessly analyses and solves captchas for you. After you get GSA Captcha Breaker, you won’t need to type in captchas manually or pay others to solve them again.

Paid captcha services like decaptcher or death-by-captcha are going up in price with no end in sight. The GSA Captcha Breaker program faithfully simulates these captcha services. Just say no to monthly fees. Not only will you have cutting edge decaptcher and death-by-captcha simulation power, you will be able to work with any other software that uses those services.

GSA Captcha Breaker is incredibly simple to use. As soon as it starts up, you are ready. Just go to the program that makes use of captcha services and type in any login/password.

But the software does not stop there. You will still have the option to make use of captcha services (e.g. if something is unsolvable or you set options to send all from a special captcha type straight to the service). This can be extremely useful for difficult captchas like reCaptcha.

GSA Captcha Breaker is so advanced that, depending on the level of difficulty for the captchas you routinely need to solve, it is likely that the software will automatically solve all of your captchas on the spot. As needed, the smooth forwarding to paid captcha services functions under the hood for a seamlessly integrated fully satisfying captcha solving experience.

The new GSA Captcha Breaker features very easy editing so you can add your own captcha solving algorithms. You can double click on one incoming captcha in the log and the editor opens so that you can run a “brute force” to find a good way to solve it. Your new captcha type is just 3 quick clicks away.

You also have the ability to share your captcha type solves online with other users. This is just one of the many benefits you will gain when you join our exclusive GSA Captcha Breaker community.

Why not take it for a test drive today? Download the FREE 5 day demo version right now.

Remember, you pay nothing and it’s totally risk-free. You get the full product with all the bells and whistles. The only limitation is that you will need to restart it after 100 captcha solves.

When you purchase your single-PC license, that’s it. There are no subscription fees. You will receive our life-time updates for free. We are famous for our unusually frequent updates.

Your single-PC license can be installed on more than one computer as needed. However, you can RUN it on only ONE computer at the same time.

Download your free fully-featured copy of GSA Captcha Breaker today. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Never pay per captcha again.

Note: GSA Captcha Breaker should be used for research and by the visually impaired only. Any illegal use of GSA Captcha Breaker is strictly prohibited.

Although the new GSA Captcha Breaker is the best captcha solving software on the planet, in the real world it is not possible for a software program to solve everything correctly all of the time. As you know, some captchas are hard to read and solve even for humans! Please keep that in mind and be patient when you see an inaccurate result. This really is the best captcha solution you can own

Here’s What You Get with the Amazing New GSA Captcha Breaker:
– loaded with more than 400 pre-configured captcha types to solve
– works with every software using decaptcher or death-by-captcha (plus 5+ other services)
– automatically sends unsolvable captchas to captcha services
– includes powerful super easy editor for creating your own captcha definitions
– employs multiple ocr techniques and other advanced self-made algorithms to solve captchas
– solves most captcha types with a 100% success rate
– makes you money every time you use it by cutting down your old captcha service costs
– saves you bandwidth as captchas no longer need to be sent to captcha services
– tested and working on all Windows systems from XP to Windows8 without any known problems and without the crashes you will experience from other tools in this market
– import/share new or improved captcha types with others in our exclusive user community
– just a one-time purchase with NO subscription plus generous FREE life-time updates
– able to work as a proxy to simulate decaptcher and send to a cheaper service
Article Kevo

Article Kevo 1.70 Latest + WORKING 2014 Patch

Article Kevo – The Ultimate Article Submitter Software and SEO Link Building Tool“Get Top Rankings in Google in a few weeks even after Panda/Penguin Updates”

The whole idea behind Article Kevo is simple. It was designed to allow
users to submit articles to a lot of different sites, as easily and as
efficiently as possible. Once you set it up initially, AKV can run for
hours and hours on autopilot, submitting articles, bookmarks, profiles,
building backlinks and giving your websites the exposure you want – all
while you sit back, relax and perhaps sip Martini by the beach. Try it.

I’m Interested… Tell. Me. More.

Article Kevo (also known as AKV) is an advanced article marketing
software released in 2012. With AKV, you’ll never worry about running
out of sites to submit articles to. AKV currently supports 24 platforms you can submit your liks to !


  • 6 Article directory platforms – WordPress, Article Dashboard, Article Friendly, Article MS, ArticleBeach and ArticleScript
  • [B]9 Web 2.0 platforms – WordPress, Blogetery, Blog, Livejournal, Tumblr, Edublogs and more…
  • 3 Social Bookmarking platforms – Pligg, Scuttle and PHPDug
  • 4 Wiki platforms – MediaWiki, WikkaWikki, TikiWiki and MoinMoin
  • 3 Social Network platform – Elgg, PHPFox and Dolphin
  • 1 Forum Profiles platform – SMF
  • 4 Custom Sites
  • …More to come!


Sneak Peek

AKV comes with a ready list of sites for
you to sign up and submit articles to, this list is permanently updated
as we scrape new sites and delete the dead ones and contains 2000-2500+ sites . Article Kevo also includes a lot of tools to help you Build and Maintain
your own huge list of sites easilly. These days, with all the popular
blog networks getting de-indexed, your best bet is to build your own !

Import Your Own List

AKV allows you to import your own lists of article sites obtained
from other software, or online into AKV. It will then be run through the
template check and only passing sites will be added to your list.

Add Your Own WP Blogs

If you have your own network of self-hosted wordpress blogs, you can
also add them to your AKV list. Simply fill out their common username
and password, paste the list of blogs and hit save.

Scrape Your Own List

AKV comes with it’s very own In-built Site Scraper specially designed
to scrape sites of the supported platforms from Google and Bing. No
more worries about running out of article sites to submit to.

Or you could just use the Web 2.0 module to create as many properties as you wish!

… and build link wheels with em’ (beta)

Tons of Powerful Features. Ridiculously Easy to Use.

Multiple Author Accounts

Create as MANY or as LITTLE author accounts to submit articles from.
No more worrying about leaving “footprints” and getting your sites
penalized by the search engines.

One Click Auto Fill Button
Hit AKV’s Prepopulate button ONCE and it’ll fill out most of the info
for you (first name, last name, username, country, city, zip, phone
number etc etc)

Easy Signup + Confirm Emails
AKV signs up for accounts with the article directories and logs in to
your email to confirm the emails automatically when you push a button.

One Click Clean-Up
Money will come and go. The same goes for websites. That’s why AKV
allows you to delete and clean up dead sites and blogs from your list in
one EASY click. Never live with a huge list of cluttered sites again.

Group Article Sites

A huge list of sites by itself is way too messy. With AKV, you can
create as many groups as you want to organize the article sites for your
specific needs. AutoApprove, By Niche, By Website etc etc.

Advanced Sites List Filtering

Specify the criteria of sites you are looking for and hit refresh.
AKV will then display only the matching sites (sites that have yet to be
signed up for/pending email confirmation/only WP sites etc etc)

“Article Kevo is dope…”

Spins On Submit
AKV supports spin syntax, and spins articles on submit so that every piece is unique and different from the other.

Drip Feed Submissions
With AKV, you can either submit articles to all the selected sites at
once, or schedule them at certain submissions every 24 hours.

Smart Queue Functionality

Our Smart Queue technology allows you to add submissions to a queue – even when there are submissions in progress.

Multiple Threading
AKV opens up 25 threads in the background by default to carry out
processes as quickly as possible. That’s like having 25 VAs working for
you at once.

With the scheduler, you can have a bird’s eye view on all the scheduled tasks and activate / deactivate them accordingly.

LiveLink Reports

AKV allows you to obtain the latest livelink reports (the actual URLs
of your articles sent out) for specific articles/author accounts.

Extremely User Friendly. (Works Well With Others Too)

Besides having a crisp design and a very user friendly interface, AKV is also
integrated with several third party software and services so that you
can conveniently use many of your tools from our interface. These third
party software are generally not required to use AKV, but we’ve made
them work together just in case you need to use them.

Captchas Solving Services

AKV supports 6 captcha solving services – Captcha Sniper, DeathByCaptcha, ImageTyperz, BypassCaptcha, AntiGate and Decaptcher.

Article Spinners

Need to spin your content in one click? You can do it from AKV’s
interface if you have either SpinnerChief, The Best Spinner, SpinChimp,
Spin Rewriter or WordAI. If your preferred Spinner is missing from the
list just let us know, we’ll be glad to add it !

Articles Scraper
It’s a breeze to add articles to AKV, but it’s even easier to harvest some and use them as seed content for your own articles.

Afraid of leaving those dreaded ‘footprints’?
Article Kevo allows you to add free or
private proxies as one of it’s options. Not sure where to find proxies?
Sure. Just use the “Autopopulate from free proxy lists” feature to generate 100s of free proxies in a few quick seconds.

Want your links to get indexed faster?

We got that. Just open up AKV’s Pinger from the Tools section, paste your links on the left and hit on Ping the Urls to mass ping those links. Now your links are getting some attention!

Want your links to get indexed even faster?

We got that too. AKV’s unique Indexer features a
fast indexer for your Web 2.0 properties and domains, API Integration
with major Link Indexing Services and an inhouse link indexation
checker. A simple yet powerful tool to keep tight control over your link
building campaigns !

Sales Page:

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