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CPV Lab 2.16


CPV Lab 2.16 _MBHF_

Primary Features:
– CPC Bidding/Pricing Options
– Ad Performance Stats section
– Optimization and Alert Profiles
– Store Unique Token from Traffic Source as a separate token
and allow Passing Token to

Additional Pixels
– Allow {!subid!} placeholder in the offer URLs – will be
replaced with the actual subID
before redirecting to the offer page
o Allow {!subid!} placeholder in additional pixels
– Allow grouping after Day and Hour in Stats Page
– Exported CSV files keep the sort conditions of the
original table/grid that was exported

– Optimize columns size in database
– Improved queries from base pages for speed and volume
– Improved Redirects for fast load times on all base links.
– Improved error messages on campaign setup pages
– Improve sorting in Stats
– Improved additional server-to-server pixels – curl library
– Improved Clickbank Conversion Postback functions…define
the Clickbank secret code –

more security when calling the Clickbank pixel
– Changed the parameter for Failure Campaign ID instead of
‘c’ to avoid conflicting
parameters in offer pages/urls.

– Predefined tokens for Traffic Sources; option to use these
predefined tokens in the
campaign setup pages from simple dropdown menu options.
– Added Tooltips in Campaign Setup Pages for reference.
– Ajax Spinner images added to show when operations are
running/executed from within

the interface.
– Sort timezone options in dropdown on the Settings page
– jQuery effects in many application pages, for example when
showing/hiding sections or

removing items
– Hide inactive campaigns in dropdown selection menus
– Save sort conditions on the Campaigns page – when you
login again the sorting order
will be saved from the previous visit

– Priority 0 option (used for direct traffic) – always
removes the existing tracking cookie
– Allow SSL redirects when Redirect Loop method is used
– Option in the campaign setup pages to control if the
referrers will be captured
– Extra Tokens are not passed to Level 2+ LPs, only to Level
1 LP and Offer Pages (when
– Ability to remove referrers from the database
– Option to change/customize redirect page names




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