I found this cool tirick to download some good stuff (ebooks, softwares, etc) that require a paypal payment, enjoy !

Paypal Crack

I have used this method quite often.
1. Open your browser, I assume you will be using Firefox, now click
on your bookmarks tab then click Organize Bookmarks, a new
window called Bookmark Manager pops up.

2. Now on the Bookmark Manager window create a new bookmark
by clicking New Bookmark Tab. Type Decode Java for the
name, and for the Location copy and paste the code below.

javascript:h=document.getElementsByTagName(‘html’)[0].innerHTML;function disp(h){h=h.replace(/</g, ‘\n&lt;’);h=h.replace(/>/g,’&gt;’);document.getElementsByTagName(‘body’)[0].innerHTML='<pre>&lt;html&gt;’+h.replace(/(\n|\r)+/g,’\n’)+’&lt;/html&gt;</pre>’;}void(disp(h));
Then click OK.

3. Using the Search Engines (Google brings back a lot of results)
search for the keywords below. (include quotes)
“this order button requires a javascript enabled browser”
This will return many websites that have those PayPal Buy Now
Also if you Ad “Instant Download ” to “this order button requires a javascript enabled browser”
You find some things this works well with without those pesky.’we will email you with” or ” Provide email you used” etc.. Thanks Pages.

Now here is an example on how to get the product.
I will use hxxp://adsensetracker.info as a test site
and get their product for free.

Open hxxp://adsensetracker.info on firefox and once
the site opens, go to your bookmarks and click the Decode Java
bookmark that we created on the first step.

Now click the edit tab on firefox and click Find on the
dropdown list. (Pressing CTRL + F on your keyboard makes this
process shorter) Copy and paste the code below (include

“return” value=”

Then Click Find Next button. in this case, the download link is:
the URL beside “return” value=” is the Product.

or new technique for firefox

just do search in G**gle or a!exa for

JavaScript-enabled browser plr paypal

plr or ebook or wso or something like that, play around

In firefox go to , tools – page info – forms

it is a little older, but you will see the DL link 85% of the time


I would suggest hiding IP too.     “

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