Codename-Like – Ultimate Version 12 – Facebook AutoLike Bot

Codename:Like – Ultimate Version 12 – Facebook AutoLike Bot

Latest Version “Ultimate Gold”

Facebook now has become the planet’s largest advertising and marketing system, almost out rivaling search engines in terms of overall profits and what steps a person must consider to be able to build up a productive business. Now you can get unlimited likes to your Facebook fan pages, posts, photo/video,  statuses and even your websites.


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Many Ways of Using our Software

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Gold Version

After how many years of refining our software we came up with this powerful one. The Ultimate Facebook Auto-Liker Software “Gold Version”, we added more powerful features as our valuable clients requested. See additional more powerful features below this page.


My Click Boss _MBHF_

My Click Boss

myclickbossThe ultimate click tracking, click

counting, click routing, click

analysis and click management

system ever made available.


What is My Click Boss?

My Click Boss is a script that provides several core email marketing services. Here is a list of the core services provided.

  1. Click tracking services with detailed click statistics. You will always know the exact number of clicks sent to any desired URL and where they came from.
  2. Click rotator services that can handle an unlimited number of URL’s. You decide how the clicks are sent and how many are sent to each URL in a click rotator.
  3. Complete pixel tracking. You can define an unlimited number of pixels to be used to track traffic patterns and conversion rates. Know exactly where your high quality traffic is coming from.

Why was My Click Boss created?

Well to be honest, I created My Click Boss for me and a few of my solo ad seller friends. When I first got into email marketing (seriously) I started looking in to what scripts, software and services I needed to run a successful email marketing business. I started looking at what others where using and what was being recommended by what I assume where successful email marketers. Well… I quickly discovered the truth.

What truth? The truth that there is no one software, script or service that would do exactly what I needed. Sure there were plenty of options to piece together what I needed. The key word here is “piece.” I had to use a script from company A, a software program from company B, and a service from company C. So where is the problem?

I’ll tell you where the problem is. It reared its ugly head when I realized I had to get all of these working seamlessly with each other. Sure it could be done, but why would I want to go through that? Plus, what happens if one of the key elements is updated and no longer will fit its current position of the puzzle?

I quickly determined this was not the smart way to go for me. I needed something that I would not have to worry about that would do exactly what I needed for my email marketing business.

At that point I wrote down and laid out exactly what I needed and how it should work. I wanted each piece of it to work flawlessly with the other pieces. I wanted it all in one place. A few months of development time later, My Click Boss was born.

Here are some of the major benefits of using My Click Boss

  • Full featured GEO country targeting of clicks so you can send clicks to where they will be the most profitable. Also let’s you reject clicks from countries that are not profitable to you.
  • Link rotators use smart logic to not waste a single click. The smart logic used by the rotators even knows when a return visitor comes back, so not to send them to a link they have already visited. This helps you to get more out of each surfer that visits multiple times.
  • Tracks both surfer IP and accessing IP to allow for true GEO location of surfer when he is behind an ISPs proxy. This prevents the problems most other tracking script have with wrongly identifying a surfer is from a Tier 1 country when actually he is in a third world country.
  • You have total control of when and how many clicks are sent to a link. This way you can get the most from all your incoming traffic that you send out to different partners, PPL programs, etc.
  • Detailed stats are provided for you and your client or click banking partner. This way you can easily discuss any problem traffic with the other person when needed. Your clients can also monitor the traffic they are sending you or that you are sending them.
  • Has an API interface for third party add-on support. This way you can add additional features to My Click Boss through third party apps and add-ons.

 What are the major features of My Click Boss?

Here is a list of the main features of My Click Boss in no particular order of importance or coolness.

  • General Features
  • Easy to install
  • Self hosted, no monthly fee
  • Track solo ads sold
  • Track solo ads purchased
  • Track click banking trades
  • Uses advanced IP tracking
  • Has API for third party add-on support
  • Click Tracker Features
  • Create unlimited click trackers
  • Edit existing click trackers
  • Delete click trackers no longer needed
  • Uses surfer friendly URL’s instead of URL shortening type URL’s that many people refuse to click because of all the scammers using short URL’s
  • Create custom tracker codes
  • Designate trackers as inbound or outbound
  • Specify custom tracker 404 page
  • List trackers
  • Search for trackers
  • Set maximum clicks to send to a tracked link
  • Send email alerts when specific click counts have been reached
  • Set country’s excepted for each click tracker
  • Set country’s not excepted for each click tracker
  • Set minimum number of custom clicks to send for each tracker.
  • Set maximum number of custom clicks to send for each tracker.
  • Set country’s for use in custom clicks (for example, set to T1 country’s)
  • Custom clicks feature can be used to set the percentage of T1 clicks to send
  • Set a secondary URL to send clicks to if click does not meet selection criteria of tracker
  • Click trackers can be set to send clicks to an alternate URL after a set number of clicks have been sent
  • Keep notes on all click trackers
  • Tracker Stats Features
  • Shows first and last click dates for easy reference
  • Click totals for today, yesterday, last 7 days and last 30 days
  • Displays both unique and raw click counts
  • Displays Tier 1 country click totals
  • Displays Tier 1 country click percentages
  • Display GEO IP stats by country including click counts and percentages
  • Tracker stats show click distribution by country
  • Displays IP class distribution of clicks
  • Displays raw stats dump including date of click, IP, referring URL, country code, language user agent and IP host of each click
  • Provide clients password protected stats access
  • Link Rotator Features
  • Create unlimited link rotators
  • Click rotators support GEO targeted links. You can set what countries traffic you send to specific links or not send
  • Can interlink and funnel click rotators as deep as you want
  • Edit existing rotators
  • Delete rotators no longer needed
  • Create series style rotators
  • Create rotate style rotators
  • Set rotator default URL
  • Rotators use smart logic to not waste clicks
  • Specify custom rotator 404 page
  • List rotators
  • Search for rotators
  • Rotator Links Features
  • Add unlimited links to rotators
  • List rotator links
  • Edit existing rotator links
  • Delete rotator links no longer needed
  • Move rotator links up and down in rotator links list
  • Suspend and activate individual rotator links
  • Rotator stats show clicks to send and clicks sent for each link
  • Set maximum number of clicks to send to each link in a rotator
  • Set Daily click limit for each link in a rotator
  • Set start date for sending clicks to a link in a rotator
  • Set end date for sending clicks to a link in a rotator
  • Set country’s excepted for each link in a rotator
  • Set country’s not excepted for each link in a rotator
  • Rotator links can be scheduled to send clicks only between a defined set of dates and times
  • Keep notes on each link in a rotator
  • Link Trades Features
  • Create an unlimited number of two way click trade trackers
  • Simultaneous click banking is supported when trading with other My Click Boss users
  • Link Trades Stats Features
  • Access full stats for each link trade
  • Provide your link trade partner with stats access
  • Pixel Conversion Tracking Features
  • Track conversions on as many pages as you want
  • Can create an unlimited number of pixel trackers to track traffic patterns and conversions
  • Only one pixel code is needed regardless of the number of trackers you are using
  • Definable slugs for each pixel code tracker for easy stats viewing
  • Reports Features
  • Run and display a variety of reports on click trackers and click trades
  • Admin Control Panel Features
  • The admin control panel is web based
  • Includes a detailed users manual
  • Can be installed on an existing domain
  • Can be installed on it’s own domain
  • Can be installed on a subdomain

Can I see some screenshots?






What are the system requirements to install and run My Click Boss?

System requirements have been kept as simple as possible. All you need to run My Click Boss is:

  • A UNIX/Linux server or hosting account with the following:
  • PHP 5.0 or higher
  • A mySQL database

My Click Boss has not been tested on a Windows server but should run if it meets the above requirements.

Script installation is optionally available. Contact me for installation pricing and availability.

OK, it looks great! How do I get it and how much is it going to cost me?

You can purchase My Click Boss can be downloaded at any time. A download link is emailed to you within seconds of purchase. To get your copy of My Click Boss along with a single site use license, just click the buy now button below. Currently My Click Boss is on sale for a low one time payment of. $87.00 Get your copy before the price goes back up to it’s normal price.